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3 Important Considerations Before Buying Prepper Gear

  As a new prepper there is the temptation to go out and buy everything that you see on Doomsday Preppers or preppers on Youtube.  Then, when you are $400 out the hole and the crap still hasn’t hit the fan, you then find yourself in a dilemma.  You have a whole lot of things that you can’t even currently ...

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7 Great Inexpensive Places to Buy Prepper Gear

  It is true that if you buy cheap you buy twice.  However, I still believe that you are able to find good deals on prepper gear without sacrificing quality.  It is just a matter of identifying these places. If you are like me you are probably prepping on a budget.  With the prepper gear market growing we are starting ...

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Unboxing Amazon Prepper Gear July Haul

In July I have made a few prepper gear purchases from Amazon.  With that being said I wanted to share this haul and give my explanation why I purchased each product.  Altogether the price for this haul was $47.  However, I saved $48 due to the external battery being on sale.  Below you will find the link to each product ...

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