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25 Prepper Christmas Gift Ideas under $25

prepper christmas gift ideas


Tis the season to be prepping!  Yes, by looking at my empty wallet it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas.  As a prepper you most likely have other family members that are preppers or you are trying to encourage them to become preppers by buying them gifts.  You could also be a non-prepper looking for gift ideas to buy for your looney family member who is a prepper.  So I decided to put a list together of prepper Christmas gift ideas to help you in your exhaustive search.

22 Prepper Christmas Gift Ideas under $25

  1. SunJack Portable Charger


Having a charged phone when SHTF is important to call local authorities and to communicate with family members.  The SunJack Portable Charger is small enough to fit in your pocket to carry around or in your everyday carry bag.  Use the exclusive Smart Prepper Gear code for a 10% discount.  When grandma gets ran over by a reindeer you will be glad you saw this with other prepper Christmas gift ideas. 10% OFF COUPON HOLISUN10 – Christmas Gift Idea Sunjack® Charge any USB device!

  1. LifeStraw


Eggnog will not help you survive when SHTF.  You will want to be sure to have the ability to filter and purify water so that you can stay hydrated.  The LifeStraw is another great item that can fit in your pocket or in your everyday carry bag.

LifeStraw is also into spreading the Christmas cheer by offering a 20% discount on all their survival items.  This special will run until December 14th so pick it up quickly!

  1. G4Free Large 40L Lightweight Travel Backpack


In case you need a bug out bag for all your Christmas toys this pack should be large enough to tote around.  It’s great for a prepper to have as a budget or backup bug out bag.  This bag is water and tear resistant.  So if you get in a snowball fight when bugging out your gear will remain dry.  It also has adjustable and breathable padded shoulder straps to keep you comfortable while you are dashing through the snow. (Amazon)

  1. Conflicted: The Survival Card Game Deck


Looking for a fun game to play with the family while listening to your favorite Christmas songs?  Then Conflicted is just what you are looking for.  These cards will open up in depth discussions while revealing sides of people in your family you probably don’t want to see.  Another one of those priceless prepper Christmas gift ideas that will keep you in the holiday spirit. (Amazon)

  1. Uzi Tactical Pen


This beast of a pen is actually one of my favorites.  You can check out the review that I’ve done on this bad boy.  This pen is great for not only writing but self-defense, smashing windows and even has a handcuff key in case the Christmas Grinch kidnaps you.  (Amazon)

  1. KeySmart


Don’t be a key dummy this Christmas.  You don’t have time to be stumbling around trying to find your keys or constantly being jabbed in the legs with the keys in your pockets.  This great tool keeps all your keys neatly organized so that you can quickly grab them.  You can even add additional tools to it like scissors, bottle opener, flash drives and more.  So add this to your prepper Christmas gift ideas. (KeySmart)

  1. Kershaw 1987 RJ Tactical Knife


When SHTF you are going to need a blade to open up all your gifts from Santa before bugging out with Rudolph.  I must admit that I have a knife porn problem and absolutely love Kershaw blades.  This knife comes with their speedsafe feature so that you quickly flick out the blade safely.  It’s a great EDC knife to add to your preppers Christmas gift ideas. (Amazon)

  1. Gerber Dime Multi-tool


As a prepper you will always want to have some sort of tools on you at all times.  Instead of trying to jam a tool set in your pockets check out the Gerber Dime Multi-tool.  You would be surprised how often this little thing comes in handy on a daily basis. (Amazon)

  1. Vipertek Double Lock Steel Handcuffs


You might think it would be crazy for a prepper to have handcuffs mixed in with her/his gear.  However, you never know when you would have to restrain an attacker or intruder.  It also comes in handy when you want to get a little freaky with your loved one under the mistletoe.  (Amazon)

  1. Coghlans Collapsible Water Container


Having extra water supply is essential for any prepper.  This container was added to the list of prepper Christmas gift ideas because it is collapsible which makes it perfect to add into your vehicle every day carry.  You don’t have to worry about it rolling around in your trunk while you are trying to dodge all the zombie reindeer.  (Amazon)

  1. Emergency Mylar Blankets


You can only survive 3 hours in rough weather conditions.  Having to bug out in the winter will be a pain in the ass without the ability to keep warm.  These mylar blankets will retain heat while you are sleeping in them.  They may not be the most comfortable thing in the world but you will survive.

These mylar blankets have other survival uses as well.  You can line the inside of your shelter or even your home if the heat goes out.  They will keep you nice and toasty while roasting chestnuts over an open fire.  (Amazon)

  1. Coghlan’s Fire Striker


If you want to start a fire using a bow drill that is your prerogative.  It may take you a few hours but it will get the job done.  I prefer to have easier methods of building a fire on hand to save me the time and energy.  A fire striker is one of those easy methods.  (Amazon)

  1. Ultimate Survival Technologies Wetfire Tinder


If you have ever tried to find dry tinder in wet or snowy conditions then you know how hard it is start a fire.  Luckily these Wetfire tinder balls will help you build a fire regardless of the conditions.  Just use the previously mentioned fire striker to get it going.  (Amazon)

  1. LE Headlamp


When the grid goes down it would be a beautiful thing to have a nice source of light in the dark.  This headlamp also comes in handy when you are working on something like your car at night.  You can free up your hands instead of holding a flashlight.  (Amazon)

  1. Mad Rock Super Tech Screw Carabiner


Carabiners are great tools to help you carry or hang items.  For example, you can tie some paracord around a tree with your bug out bag attached to the carabiner to keep it off of a wet ground.  This specific carabiner is used by mountain climbers so it is stronger than the cheaper ones that you find at the grocery store. (Amazon)

  1. 550 Pound Paracord Survival 2-point Gun/Rifle Sling


If you are all about that pew pew life then you know how helpful it is to have a sling when you are getting tactical training.  It can also be used for your home defense rifle to make sure your gun isn’t pulled out of your hands by intruders.  As a bonus this sling is made of paracord which has many survival uses.  (Amazon)

  1. Bushnell Falcon Binoculars


Binoculars are great tools that you can add to your prepper Christmas gift idea.  Binoculars are useful for hunting, shooting at the range and even for doing surveillance at your bug out location.  (Amazon)

  1. Midland LXT118 22 Channel GMRS Radio


Don’t expect to give Santa a ring on these radios because they only have a maximum distance of 18 miles.  So you won’t be able to reach Santa at the North Pole.  However, these radios are useful when you need to stay in communication with your family or prepper group especially if you are at your bug out location.  When the grid goes down radios maybe the best option to communicate with the world if they aren’t wiped out by an EMP.  (Amazon)

  1. Silhouette Splatterburst Shooting Targets


Being able to see where your shots are landing at the range is important for improving your handgun accuracy.  Depending on where your shot is landing you are able to make the proper adjustments.  The problem with most targets is that you are not able to see your shots even with the bright sun shining down on it.  The Splatterburst Shooting Targets will light up immediately once your shots have landed even in the bright sun. (Amazon)

  1. Plano Ammo Can


If Santa brings you a sled full of ammunition then you will need something to keep it in.  Plano Ammo Cans are a great lightweight option.  They are airtight and will prevent any moisture from penetrating.  These ammo cans also make it easy for you to quickly grab your ammunition on a moment’s notice. (Amazon)

  1. Deadshot Boxed Combo Front and Rear Bag


If you have ever tried shooting your rifle off of the ground or on a table top then you probably get annoyed quickly with your magazine affecting your stability.  These front and rear bags will help give you some elevation off of the ground so that you can keep your rifle stable. (Amazon)

  1. Rite in the Rain Notepad


You never know when you need to get the license plate number of Santa’s sled in the snow.  If you try to write on regular paper the moisture will prevent you from writing.  These notepads give you the ability write in the rain, sleet or snow.  (Amazon)

  1. BUBM Double Layer Travel Gear Organizer


If you are a tech geek like me then you probably have a lot of electronics with you at all times.  Having to unwrap wires or fumble around for batteries can get annoying and waste time.  As a prepper you want to be organized so that you can grab something at a moment’s notice.  This is a great piece of gear that you can throw in your everyday carry bag or even put in your vehicle everyday carry. (Amazon)

  1. Morakniv Survival Heavy Duty Knife


You don’t want Indiana Jones asking if what you carry in your bug out bag is really a knife.  Morakniv is one of, if not, the best survival knife to have.  You can easily fetter sticks for fire tinder and cut up items quickly.  (Amazon)

  1. Ever Ready Israeli Bandage


After playing around with the Morakniv you might need to bandage yourself up (learn knife safety).  This bandage is great to add to your prepper Christmas gift ideas list.  You should have one in your everyday carry bag and bug out bag along with a first aid kit.  If you are bleeding badly you won’t survive very long. (Amazon)

There you have it you filthy animals (name that Christmas movie below).  This my suggested list of prepper Christmas gift ideas under $25.  So mom if you are reading this you have no excuse now.  What other items would you add to this list preppers?


Photography by Richard Elzey

prepper christmas gift ideas

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