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Optimizing Prepper Gear

Secrid Cardslide Wallet Review

secrid cardslide wallet

  Recently I have been researching about how to remain anonymous, avoiding surveillance and protecting my identity.  During that time I have read how hackers can simply use an electronic reader to gain your personal and payment information without actually swiping your card.  Along with that government agencies such as the NSA can do the same to track your movements. ...

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17 Important EDC Items Every Prepper Needs

Important Every Day Carry Gear

  Your everyday carry gear or EDC is made up of items that you use frequently, items that you would need for the most likely emergency and important items that you would most likely need on a daily basis.  Everybody technically has EDC gear.  However, the recent fad that has been sparked by the preparedness movement has given popularity to ...

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Prepper Gear Spotlight: Smittybilt Seat Covers

  This week’s Prepper Gear Spotlight is from @handsome_mack on Instagram with his Smittybilt’s Tactical Seat Covers.  The seat covers typically go for at least $100 but he found a nice deal on Ebay for $60.  Smittybilt Seat Covers can be found on Amazon ranging anywhere from $70 to $100.  Unfortunately the seat covers are not made for every type of ...

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Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife Review

Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife Review

  “A well trained person needs only a knife to survive.” – Mors Kochanski.  Learning about survival and just camping in the outdoors I have learned about the importance of having a good knife when you are in the bush.  Having a good knife can make or break your experience.  So as I was shopping for a good survival knife ...

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KeySmart Review


  Wherever you go you will need a key.  Keys are something that we touch everyday of our lives.  They are used to open the doors to our homes, drive to our destinations, and unlock doors of business. It is said that “organization is the key to success.”  It’s no fun scrambling looking for keys when they are a really ...

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How to Use Paracord for DIY Survival Gear

DIY survival gear paracord

  Paracord has been known for its versatility. It has limitless applications, uses and benefits. With that being said, there is no wonder as to why many people have been including it in their survival kit. While some people think that survival gear can only be purchased in stores, that’s not really the case. This is because it is possible ...

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KeySmart Unboxing: Don’t Be Key Dumb

A few weeks ago I decided to purchase the KeySmart after eyeing both that and the KeyBar.  As a prepper it is important to be organized and to be able to quickly grab the necessities in a moments notice.  Many times when we have multiple key chains or leave keys laying around we tend to forget them when they are ...

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Prepper Gear Spotlight: The Division

prepper gear spotlight

  Prepper Gear Spotlight Every week I will be picking the most interesting piece of prepper gear to spotlight.  This week’s spotlight is from dennis.l.b. on Instragram.  This is his bug out bag which has been highly influenced the video game called The Division. If you play video games then you should check out The Division.  The game is in ...

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Condor 3 Day Assault Pack Review

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

  Having a good bag can either make or break your experience regardless if it is a survival situation or just simply camping.  It’s not about how good does it look or how big it is but rather does it fit you?  Does it fit the situation?  Is it something that you can wear comfortably?  The Condor 3 Day Assault ...

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Important Prepper Gear That You Need At Home

home prepper gear

  In a previous post I talked about prepper gear and where to start to prepping.  As a prepper is important to have a goal in mind followed by a plan.  Prepping without achieving a goal is just hoarding. As part of that plan I think it is important for preppers to focus on attaining prepper gear for the home.  The ...

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