First Things Preppers Should Do in 2018

First Things Preppers Should Do in 2018


  • this year has gone by really fast, almost too fast
  • it seems like I haven’t even had time to sit down and reflect on everything that has been going on
  • but at the end of this year, we will receive a little holiday break
  • I think this time is a really great opportunity to bond with friends and family
  • It is also a good time to reflect on what 2018 is going to be like
  • So with that being said I wanted to share my suggestions on what prepper should do in 2018
  • so let’s get into it!
  • Re-evaluate threat assessment

  • As I mentioned in past episodes and blog posts, it is essential that preppers conduct a threat assessment
  • in order to prepare efficiently, you have to know what you are prepping for
  • a prepper that lives in California is going to have different threats that they are preparing for compared to someone in Florida
  • Floridians are going to be prepping for hurricanes while those in California will probably be preparing for earthquakes
  • this is because those threats are relevant to where they live
  • what you are prepping for may not be relevant for another prepper
  • if you have already conducted a threat assessment then it is important to re-evaluate that threat assessment
  • you can find a download of a threat assessment worksheet at the show notes of this episode
  • but it is important to re-evaluate because threats are always changing
  • some threats can become stronger or weaker over time
  • also, new threats may evolve over time as well
  • for example, newer social threats have evolved over time from the result of a new president as compared to a year ago

Take inventory

  • now you should probably be doing this a lot more frequently but you should take inventory of your preps
  • this is especially important for your food and water supplies
  • over time I know some of us including myself will dip into their emergency food supply
  • also, some of that food that you have stored may have expired by now
  • so you will want to go through and rotate out those expired cans
  • you should take a physical inventory of what you have and record it
  • this way you can measure your progress of how much you have saved up
  • you will also want to take inventory of other important preps such as ammunition
  • hopefully, throughout the year you have been using some of that ammunition consistently
  • yes, you do want to save up enough for a potential collapse scenario
  • however, that ammunition should be used practicing and developing self-defense skills

Mark progress on preparedness plan

  • hopefully, if you have read The Strategic Prepper you have developed a preparedness plan
  • if you haven’t read that then you can check that out at
  • if you have conducted a plan then you should measure how much you have achieved throughout the year
  • as I stated in The Strategic Prepper, these plans should be written out
  • these aren’t plans that you should just keep in your head
  • you will want to record those plans so that you can measure your success
  • by being able to measure your progress you can know how much you have been off by
  • hopefully, once you have accomplished some goals you have built up some motivation that will lead to 2018 with a strong start
  • celebrate your wins and improve upon your loses in 2018

Set goals

  • now that you have finished the previous points you can now set goals for 2018
  • yes, preppers should set goals
  • every prepper should have a dream or vision of where they want to be in life
  • what is the end game of your preparedness plan?
  • maybe your dream is to one day live self sufficiently off the grid in a safe location
  • in order to reach your goals, you will have to take steps to get there
  • In the Strategic Prepper, I talk about how to set goals in order to achieve your dream
  • these goals will give you direction and clarity
  • as I have said multiple times, in order to get to a location you need to know where you are now and mark directions on how to get where you want to be