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What President Donald Trump Means for Preppers

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Unless you have been in a coma or hiding in your underground bunker to stay safe from the civil war then you know that Donald Trump has won the 2016 elections.  Many conservative preppers have been celebrating this win or defeat over Hillary.  However, many preppers don’t know what Donald Trump as president means or how it affects our preparedness strategy.

As I mentioned many preppers have been celebrating this outcome.  In fact, I have seen many preppers foolishly proclaiming that the “NWO”, “the establishment,” and “globalists” (or whatever you want to call them) have lost.  They believe that this is the end for them.

Yes, this is the first time since 1928 that conservatives have control of the White House, Senate, Congress and possibly the Supreme Court for at least the next 2 years.  However, I believe that there are things that we still need to prep for because preparedness never ends.  So it’s not time to relax with our prepping.

Here are some things that preppers need to be aware of with Donald Trump as president:

You still need a healthy distrust of government

It is a scary thing when people begin wholly trusting the government or an elected official.  Politicians and government have always been corrupt and that doesn’t end with Trump as president.  Thomas Jefferson once said “History, in general, only informs us what bad government is.”

So Trump may have won the hearts of many but I encourage you to be cognizant of what comes along with power.  Power breeds corruption.  No one is exempt to that temptation.  So don’t be like sheep who blindly follows.

“Globalists” or the “NWO” will continue to fight

I’m seeing many preppers relaxed now that Trump has won the election.  Many feel relieved because they believe since Obama “the tyrant” is leaving the office we no longer have to worry about anything.  Many people were worried about Obama declaring martial law and taking guns among other things.

However, it is not time to relax and not focus on being prepared.  If you believe that the opposition is just going to give up just because Trump won the elections then you are totally baptized stupid.  They have much power and resources around this world.  Their power is not limited to their hold in the United States government.  As a matter of fact, George Soros has already funded and mobilized many anti-Trump protestors and rioters.  There is still a plan and a fight to destroy the United States from within.

The opposition is going to continue to press their progressive, socialist and communist agenda.  They are going to fight tooth and nail until the next elections for the House and Senate which are only 2 years away.  As a matter of fact Obama made a speech after the elections encouraging others to continue to fight and make “progress.”

Obama himself is not gracefully bowing out.  As a matter of fact he is looking to hold a high office in the United Nations.  From there he will continue to prostitute the freedoms of the United States to the elite.

We’ve been given some time

Like I said, we only have 2 years until the next elections.  The liberals are going to do everything in their power to paint conservatives in a bad light.  This in hopes of regaining power in Congress.

So for now we don’t have to worry about the price of firearms sky rocketing because of Hillary coming for our guns.  For now we can take that money to not only purchase the necessities but also invest in some training.  Buying a bunch of guns is useless if you don’t how to use them properly in a self-defense situation.

Get back in the Fight!

The powerful thing that Trump has done is that he had mobilized millions to take action.  Many people were not only willing to stand in lines for hours to attend his rallies but also vote for him.  This mobilized and activated those that were previously disengaged with politics.

Now that he has won it doesn’t mean it is time to stop.  As preppers we need to stand for conservative principals and preserve our values.  We should all be involved with political action groups that protect our God-given freedoms like the NRA and free-speech movements.  You need to continue to put pressure on locally elected officials as well.


Preparedness is a lifestyle and not a destination.  We will never get to a point where we can say that we are done prepping or don’t need to worry anymore.  There will always be the potential man-made and natural disasters.  There is still the threat of wars and domestic attacks that we need to be prepared for along with everyday situations like home invasions or robberies.  So continue to prep the smart way now so that we can thrive later because shit is going to hit fan one way or another!


Photography by Tony Webster

  • Bearcat

    Great article! Let us not relax our guard; the opposition, like the viper, waits silently for an opportunity to strike.

  • Bearcat

    I personally plan to remain at ‘high guard’ until about a month after the Inauguration. And remember– prepping is about WHATEVER might happen; this political kerfuffle is only a small part of what we should be prepping for. As a matter of fact, if one is actually prepared, no action is needed on your part for ‘political theatre;’ other than making sure the um, ‘tools’ are properly clean and lubricated. And that should be ongoing anyway. The best course is to stay out of sight until the action starts(hopefully never) and then emerge with solid complete plans for defense if necessary.

    • Exactly. I’m noticing that a lot of “preppers” are relaxing because they think Trump will solve everything and there won’t be any reason to be prepared anymore. Preparedness is a lifestyle. Shit can hit the fan regardless who is the president.

  • John Stigall

    Dudes, Herr Drumpf is such a wild cannon, unpredictable person, that anything can happen. Politics is nothing compared to nukes.

    • I really think he just puts on a show for media. However, I do believe that the liberals are going to their best to make it hard for him. Either way I’m still prepping.

      • John Stigall

        Good for you. Obama created the guns-and-ammo economy, and Drumpf can help sell prep supplies. Maybe Drumpf/Congress will boost gold sales, because Social Security and Medicaid privatization.

        • Yea I doubt Soros and Rothchilds will allow that to happen. They have a strong hand in the manipulation of precious metals.

      • jomotro

        All liberals have to do is buddy up with him and give him praise. That is what he feeds off of. If you criticize him, you are a worthless piece of trash. If you praise him, you are to be loved and rewarded.

  • jomotro

    With Trump, we need to be even more prepared. His entire campaign was built on lies. If you look at his life, he is not the man he pretended to be while running for president. He is not a conservative. He even self-admits to being a NY liberal. Plus, his relationship with Putin is very scary. This man’s friends are globalist and NWO. That, plus his lack of Biblical knowledge and understanding, mean he is to be feared as a globalist and a NWO agent. Don’t for one second relax with an evil, crooked man like him at the helm.

    • I agree. He has just said whatever it takes to get into office. The only thing we can do is watch him. I am still prepping regardless of who is the president because I don’t trust the government and never will.

      • jomotro

        Exactly! He is a salesman and people bought his snake oil.

  • TxPatriot

    “…… first time since 1928 that conservatives have control of the White House, Senate, Congress and possibly the Supreme Court for at least the next 2 years.” Donald Trump is NOT a Conservative…..he is no where near being a Conservative.

    • I agree he is not a conservative but he represents the conservative/republican party.

      • jomotro

        Which is only going to hurt the conservative movement.