How to Stay Safe from Black Lives Matter Riots

black lives matter riots


Black Lives Matter riots cost Ferguson more than $5.7 million dollars in damages (Washington Times).  Phoenix has also fell prey to the communist group where taxpayers are being held responsible for over $250k in damages (12News).  There are countless others cities that have been destroyed in the matter of hours by this hate group.

The Black Lives Matter organization pays their protestors $5,000 per month to cause damage and incite violence in order to bring more division to the United States (Washington Times).  Their motto is “no justice no peace.”  Innocent Caucasians have faced violent attacks from their members.  Businesses and homes have been destroyed without anyone from their organization footing the bill.

As we get closer to the end of the republic of the United States and closer to more mayhem it is with certainty that we will see more riots from this group with a growing rage.  Their main financial sponsor, George Soros, is determined to see the United States crumble to its knees.  With this understanding we need to develop a plan on how to stay safe and avoid Black Lives Matter riots.

5 Tips to Avoiding Black Lives Matter Riots

  1. Identify Potential Hot Spots

Historically BLM riots have taken place in the busy parts of city.  Typically they are in downtown or urban areas.  Their intention is to cause disruption and cause as much damage as possible.  They don’t have this ability in the outer parts of the city.  In the inner city they are able to create choke points to stop flows of traffic and commerce.

If your daily commute involves passing through one of these parts of area then you need to develop an alternate route.  If you have family members that you need to pick up in those areas then you need to identify a safe rally point where you can advise them to go during situations like this.

  1. Research and track members in your area

Black Lives Matter groups love publicity and to show their faces in the media.  Take notes of these individuals and follow them on social media.  Don’t only follow the main BLM organization pages but find their individual social media accounts online.

Not only do they like publicity but they also like to promote their plans online especially on Twitter.  I would recommend creating a private list on Twitter for BLM members.  Once you identify and add these members to those lists you will be able to read everything that they Tweet without being a follower.

  1. Put together an intel collection group

You could put together a group such as neighborhood watch groups or something similar.  It doesn’t have to be for BLM specifically.  It would be good to have a group from your community to assess threats and determine how to combat them.

Not all activities will be shared through their social media accounts.  However, once you know the leaders of your local group you are able to identify if you have any connections in common.  You could get some intel through them.  Another way to gather intel is if someone you know is involved with law enforcement.  The boys in blue typically will have intel on any planned “protests” aka riots in your area.

  1. Put together a communication and battle tracking plan

I would recommend that all of your family and community members have a portable ham radio like the Baofeng UV-5R included with their EDC.  You should have repeater that you are all connected to.  That way when emergency hits you are all able to communicate with each other.

You need to be able to communicate your location and if you are safe.  Hopefully everyone is able to make it to their rally points.  If not then you can communicate a rescue plan if need be.

It would be extremely helpful to track these BLM riots.  Forward Observer is a great example of how to track BLM movements as they did in Ferguson.  You need to have a battle station gathering information with local police scanners.  You can also scan the local fire department.  Keep in mind that a lot of police and fire departments have been encrypting their communications.  So I would recommend checking with a ham radio before buying a police scanner.  You can find the local channels at

You should also have some boots on the ground that are a safe distance from the riots but still able to report live intel.  Being able to track the movement will give you advance warning if you need to evacuate the area.  It would also be helpful so that you relay that information unto other communities that may be in danger.

  1. Follow the news

This should seem obvious but I will state it anyways.  Be alert for any officer involved shootings in your area.  The news may or may not be a reliable source unfortunately.  A lot of media outlets are screening reports that way their agenda can be mixed into it or to screen what they don’t want others to know.

However, you can also follow local reporters on social media.  They are much more open to share information through those channels.  Plus it is in real time.

Again another way to be aware of activity is to have a police scanner.  Now you won’t be able to identify a lot of the jargon that is being spoken initially.  However, if you notice a lot of activity happening it should stir your suspicion to look into the matter.

Now these tips may not keep you safe 100% all of the time.  It should be a baseline but can be adapted.  I have written another post giving tips on how to escape social unrest.  Feel free to leave your suggestions below as it helps the prepper community.