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Yes! You May Have to Bug Out

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Recently I read a post on another prepper site stating that preppers shouldn’t be concerned about bugging out because a bug out scenario would never happen in the United States.  Don’t get me wrong, I have mentioned in multiple posts that the likelihood that you would have to bug out is extremely small.  However, to say that it could never happen in the United States is just foolish and borderline moronic.

Yes, bugging out is dangerous and should never be plan A on your preparedness plan.  That doesn’t mean that the likelihood of bugging out doesn’t exist.  To believe that the United States is exempt from such a scenario is to be blinded by pride.

The United States has been a powerhouse and a country respected by many other nations.  But every kingdom or nation has a beginning and an end.  There have been many empires throughout history that have fallen such as Babylon, the Roman Empire, the Persian and the Macedonian empires.

The fall of the Roman Empire is one example that the United States could learn from.  It had fallen from insurrection, the collapse of an economy and then finally the invasion by their enemies.  When the city of Rome burned to the ground many had to “bug out” and escape the pillaging from their enemies.

We can see a sign of the times happening in our time.  The division among Americans to me is at an all-time high.  There are race wars that are happening among other divisions that can make the United States vulnerable to our enemies.  If we are too busy fighting each other then we will never be willing to fight for each other if the time comes.

The Looming Economic Collapse

Along with that we are seeing the weakening of the fiat currency.  It’s such a tougher position than before any previous financial crisis in history because a country’s economy is no longer independent.  We have become dependent upon other economies.  So when one has fallen then others are pulled down with it.  We recently saw proof of this vulnerability when the Brexit vote took place and the stock markets were shook.

In the Roman Empire times the rulers devalued the price of precious metals just like America.  Initially their silver coins were just that, silver.  Then they began to take silver out of the monetary system and substitute it with other materials.  Eventually the coins were no longer silver.

This has also happened in America.  In the constitution it was written that there should be no other substitute for paying bills or debts than besides precious metals.  In Article 1 Section 10 Cl. 1 it reads, “No state shall…make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts….”  Then the country decided to move from the gold standard where paper money was backed by gold.  Silver dimes and quarters were devalued in 1966 from 90% silver to less than 20%.  As speculators study the economy many are purchasing precious metals as a hedge against inflation and a looming economic collapse.

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Finally we are seeing “wars and rumors of wars” among countries.  Many have speculated that we are currently in another cold war with Russia.  Two countries holding nuclear weapons of mass destruction hold the rest of the world hostage as we await the outcome of the matter.

In How to Determine If and When to Bug Out I mention certain scenarios that would be possible scenarios that one would have to bug out.  Those scenarios include but are not limited to:

  • War/invasion
  • Nuclear attacks
  • Incurable epidemic/plague
  • Martial law
  • EMP attack/grid down

So these scenarios are very real possibilities.  They may be less probable than a natural disaster, terrorist attack or rioting but are probable all together.  So yes, you should have a preparedness plan that includes bugging out, but again it shouldn’t be your plan A.

Begin Prepping Strategically

Altogether we should develop a bug out free preparedness plan.  Because if you have to bug out it means that you were not truly or completely prepared.  To be totally prepared would mean that you would not be affected these types of scenarios that could cause many to bug out.

So that preparedness plan should include developing self-reliance.  You can begin this by growing your own food or going off grid by using solar and other alternative sources of power.  So if the grid goes down you will not be vulnerable to that scenario.  This would also help to protect you from a financial crisis along with other preparations including stacking silver, investing and building passive income.

Another consideration should be strategic relocation.  If you live somewhere that is vulnerable to a possible nuclear attack like an army base or nuclear power plants then you should take this into consideration.  You should be at least 100 miles from these potential targets.  However, there are some nuclear bombs built by advance countries that could affect areas well over 100 miles of the target.  If you live within that range then you should learn how to prepare for a nuclear attack.

Strategic relocation should also be considered if you live in a highly populated city.  It will be almost impossible trying to survive a scenario if you live in such a place.  I suggest reading the table I put together on How to Determine If and When to Bug Out.

So altogether, yes it is a very real possibility that you will have to bug out one day.  However, you need to develop a preparedness plan now that will ensure that you will never have to.  You will have a lower probability to survive if you ever have to bug out.  That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have a bug out plan put together even if you plan to bug in.

Please leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or advice on the possibility of bugging out.  The feedback that you provide helps the prepper community.


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  • RDPaul

    “Because if you have to bug out it means that you were not truly or completely prepared”

    For an article attempting to be reasonable this article strikes me as moronic as the one you are addressing.

    Ever hear of a house fire? They are rare, but not all that infrequent, and they require a bug out. There is not much you can do to bugout proof a fire. And any other more regionalized disaster, like a regional blackout or storm greatly increases the chance that a secondary disaster may require a bug out.

    If you lived in Louisiana you also may have recently had to bug out. Floods happen everywhere, even in places that aren’t in flood zones. Virtually all of the East and West coast is to some degree vulnerable to Tsnunamis. And even at high elevations flash floods and their frozen cousin avalanches can require bug outs.

    Of course along with water in the form of rain or snow storms often bring lightning (think fires) but also wind. Very few people are prepared for tornado level winds and its usually cost prohibitive to build much more that a storm shelter that is truly tornado proof.

    Then there is modern technology… which we take for granted, but which is often quite delicate and sensitive to breakdowns in the system. Are you aware of all the radiological, chemical, and biological installations down wind from you. How many are honestly prepared for long term survival in a place where the air is poison?

    Then of course there are the two legged problems. My daddy always warned me, no matter how big and tough you are, there is always someone bigger and tougher. This is why I firmly believe in the ability to defend yourself, as well as the importance of a mutual defense group, but ultimately the best defense is not to engage, stay hidden, stay isolated, stay when there are few people and few reasons for people to come. Even if you could fend off criminal elements what happens when the government types come to your door, since you haven’t bugged out, and demand you turn over you weapons that they have crossre6ferenced to your home address (illegally I might add), or want you to turn over the food you are “hording”, or want to “help you” by moving you into a FEMA camp… or they want you to help them and they are forcibly conscripting you to do so??? How exactly to you plan to bug out proof these disasters?

    The best single way to avoid a life and death situation is to recognize the possibilities and get out of their way as quick as possible. However when one catches you unaware the second best strategy is to get away from the disaster zone and have someplace safe to go. This is true for a run of the mill storm as much as for nuclear war. The only question is do the circumstances make it prudent to travel and is the situation on the ground better where you are going than where you are. This is why every SHTF plan should have a fully developed bug in and bug out plan and criterion thought through do help you decide which option gives you the best chance of survival.

    “Because if you have to bug out it means”… that you are not God, and can’t control everything. Recognizing that and planning accordingly is what prepping is all about.

    • aaronlifrd07

      Hey RDPaul, Thanks for the feedback bud. I see what you are saying about disasters happening at home. However, that wouldn’t require someone to “bug out.” That would simply require someone to move or evacuate. For anyone that owns a house you should definitely have some sort of insurance to help you recover your loses.

      There is a difference between “bugging out” and evacuating. Bugging out would be like what you see currently in the middle east with immigrants going into Europe because of the war in Syria. When you “bug out” there is no chance or possibility of returning. That is unlike a disaster where there is still the option of returning.

      Also, as a prepper if you live downwind from “radiological, chemical, and biological installations” then to be fully prepared you should move. Now that is not ideal for a lot of us but moving would be the best option. This is why I mentioned strategic relocation. Every prepper should conduct a threat assessment to determine if strategic relocation is the best option. Otherwise we are not completely prepared at that point.

      Altogether I believe that as preppers we should strive to get to a point where we will never have to bug out. This can be done by strategically relocating and hardening our homes with shelters and safe places to bug in.

      • vocalpatriot

        what is “bugging out” if not a forced evacuation?????

        • That’s true. Bugging out just means you won’t have the option of returning.

  • Moonchalk

    It costs SLIGHTLY more per square foot to build an EF-5 proof house. If you are going to build a house it makes NO sense to NOT build a bullet proof, tornado proof, fire proof, earthquake proof, termite proof home. The TCO is MUCH lower than a piece of crap wood house.

    Here’s an example. http://www.domebuilder.com/ Simply spec the correct door and windows and you have an EF-5 proof house for a little over $100/sq/ft. Completely finished with appliances.

    • WOW!!! Thanks for that information @Moonchalk:disqus $85K is not bad at all. I’m definitely going to keep this information on file for when I build my new house.