100 Deadly Skills Author Shares 5 Hotel Security Tips


During the holiday season, a lot of us travel hundreds of miles to see family and friends.  Unless your family members are wealthy and have plenty of space, you are most likely going to be staying at a hotel.  Despite all of the hotel security that you believe is provided bad guys can still make their way in.  Many bad guys know how to bypass a lot of the security measures that come on hotel doors.

Not only do you have to consider bad guys intruding on the hotel property but you even have hotel staff members that can conspire against you.  The cleaning crew staff have easy access to your room while you are away.  In this video, 100 Deadly Skills author Clint Emerson shares some great tips on how to increase your hotel security.

5 Easy Hotel Security Tips

  1. Stack complimentary cups and glasses in front of the door


Many hotel rooms will come with complimentary cups and glasses.  This can be used by stacking them along the ground next to the door.  If an intruder tries to make their way inside then you will hear some crashing noise that will alert you of the danger.

This will do a few things.  One, the sound may discourage an intruder and cause them to flee. Secondly, this crashing sound will act as an early warning system.  This is one of the important security layers that we have discussed having for your home in a previous post.

An alternative to this is to you bring your own alarms.  You won’t be able to bring a full home security system.  However, there are great portable options like door wedge alarms.  When the door presses against it then a loud high-frequency alarm is emitted.

  1. Wrap a belt around the door closer


Many hotel rooms come with commercial door closers.  This arm forces the heavy doors to close.  This is helpful in case that you don’t fully close the door behind you as you leave.

However, those arms do have a tendency to fail.  To increase the effectiveness of the door closer you can wrap a high-quality leather belt around the arms.  Wrap them as tight as you can and then knot it at the end.

This will make it nearly impossible for an intruder to press their way into your room.  It not only acts as deterrence but can be used as a fortification layer.  As an intruder tries to force their way in you will now have time to prepare to defend yourself and alert the authorities.

  1. Use discreet alignment for items left behind


You never want to leave anything behind at a hotel room when traveling.  However, it isn’t always possible to pack up all your belongings every time that you leave your room.  So you will at least want to take the most valuable and private information items with you.

For the items that are left behind, you will want to use the discreet alignment technique.  This will alert you if anything has been tampered with when you return.

For example, if you have to leave a laptop behind then this technique will come in handy.  You can place a water bottle not more than a thumb space away from the USB port.  Then when you return you can measure it so that you know that it hasn’t been tampered with.


  1. Use the Photo Trap app


Setting traps and diversions are not only cumbersome but you can also forget how you positioned things.  The Photo Trap app allows you to take a picture before you leave the room and compare it when you return.  The app will line up the two pictures.  You will easily be able to see if things have been tampered with comparing them.

  1. Hang your “do not disturb” sign this way


Setting up your “do not disturb” sign does not guarantee that someone will not break into your room.  This is more of an invitation than a deterrence to a bad guy.  This lets others know that you are either away or are sleeping.  In either case, you may seem vulnerable and unable to protect yourself or belongings.

Instead of hanging the sign directly down, you can hang it to get caught inside the door.  That way it appears that you accidentally got the sign caught between the door when closing it.  So if you get back to your room and see that the sign is not hanging directly down then you know someone has been in there.

Now that you are aware of a potential intruder you can choose to prepare yourself with your self-defense gear or call for security.  When you get back inside of the room you should check your belongings immediately.


These have been some really great tips from the author of 100 Deadly Skills. It is a book that I highly recommend as he provides a lot of useful knowledge.  If you have any suggestions then please leave those in the comment section below.  Your feedback helps the community prepare the smart way now so that we can thrive later.