11 Fun Activities To Help Practice Survival Skills

Fun Prepper Skills


Growing up as children our schools incorporated fun activities into our lessons to help us learn things easier.  As we get older a lot of education we gained was not fun at all.  Many times it takes hours of studying in a library.  Some of us even slept in the library to cram for final exams.

As an adult many times we don’t learn something difficult because it takes too much time and energy.  However, as a prepper we can’t simply decline to learn survival skills because we aren’t interested.  Instead we need to go back to incorporating fun into learning these skills.  Like the saying goes “Time flies when you are having fun.”

So lately I have gotten involved in some activities to help me learn particular survival skills.  Getting involved with the activities have also helped me to meet other like-minded people.  As a prepper it is imperative to build relationships with others who are like minded.  So I wanted to share some activities that make learning survival and prepper skills fun.

11 Fun Activities to Help Practice Survival Skills

  1. Airsoft/Paintball

The world of airsoft competitions are serious and intense but also a blast at the same time.  This type of sport actually helps you practice tactical skills that will build memory muscle.  So in case you have a bunch of Jihadis trying to invade your territory you can resort to the skills that you have practiced and refined.

These sports also help you build commodore and relationships with like-minded people.  This is good if you plan to build a survival group.  However, I wouldn’t let them know about your preps or storage.

  1. Hunting

Many people rely on hunting to survive.  For example, living in Alaska is rough.  If you don’t have meat by a certain time of year you can be in for a long dangerous winter.

However, hunting is also a fun sport.  It is super time consuming because you really have to wait hours to find game.  Then after finding them you have to kill them which isn’t always as simple as just shooting them.  You will need to learn how to lead a bullet and even move around discreetly.

If SHTF and our society collapse or is hard pressed to find food you can always resort to hunting.  In my opinion we really shouldn’t be reliant on the economy and groceries that can be bought at a store.  A true prepper needs to learn how to be self-reliant even before SHTF.

Hunting isn’t only limited to shooting.  You can also trap game which can be even more tedious and time consuming.

  1. Fishing

To me fishing and hunting go hand in hand.  It is another skill the preppers need to learn especially if you live close to water sources.  Some may complain that they don’t like fish but if you are starving then you will have no other choice.  In a survival situation it’s not about having a nice steak dinner.  It’s about eating what will get you to that next day.

  1. Hiking/Camping

This fun activity should be a no brainer.  Preppers love to fantasize about bugging out.  The problem is that a lot of preppers have never camped in their lives.

Now when I talk about camping I’m not talking about pulling up a car and sleeping in your backseat.  I’m talking about primitive and backcountry camping.  It’s about being in nature.  We are so used to the structure and way of life in the cities but when you get into the woods there is no structure or order.

However, camping can be tons of fun.  Some camping spots give you some really great views of nature.  You can even star gaze at night.

The important part of camping is learning survival skills.  Preppers need to know the basics of building a fire, pitching a shelter (not just a tent) and even purifying water.  To go even further you can practice stealth camping which can help you practice escape and evasion skills.

  1. Shooting at the Range

It is fun to get out to the range to compete with friends and family by shooting at targets.  You can even use different guns to show off how far you can hit a target.  Or you can just simply enjoy the loud sounds popping from your rifle.

It is important to practice your accuracy.  The thing is that in a SHTF scenario enemies are not standing still.  It is also a stressful situation which you don’t face at a gun range.  I would recommend taking a tactical course that teaches you how to practice firing on the move and handling stressful situations.

  1. Geocaching

It’s fun to take off into the woods in search of caches of supplies or other goodies.  This fun activity of course helps you to navigate.  This is especially important if the grid is down and you have to resort to using a map with a compass.

  1. Talking on the Radio

Talking on a HAM radio is not like Facetiming on your iPhone or texting emojis to your girlfriend.  However, it can be a fun experience.  It is interesting to see how far your HAM radio can reach and meet other like-minded people on the radio waves.

To get even more involved there are tons of amateur radio clubs across the United States.  Mostly everyone in these clubs are concerned about disaster preparedness.  A lot of them older men but you can definitely learn a thing or two from them.

  1. Cooking

We live in a microwave world where dinner can be popped in the microwave and done within 5 minutes.  But what happens when the grid is down?  You are going to rely on your preps and other means of cooking that food.

Every once in a while you should try putting a meal together without electricity or your stove.  Now if you have a propane or alcohol stove you can use that.  The important thing is to have fun experimenting with the different foods.  When SHTF you don’t want to be eating the same can of SPAM every night.

  1. Wood crafting

I’m just recently trying to get back into wood crafting.  The last time that I woodcraft was when I was a young boy in the Boy Scouts.  It was fun to make race cars and spoons on my own.

This skill is especially important if you are bugging out and need to make a fork to eat off of.  You could also make a spear or a torch from a wooden stick.  The possibilities are endless.

  1. Boxing/Wrestling

Taking up boxing can be extremely helpful when SHTF.  However, one thing to consider about boxing is that not all fights are simply fist fights.  Most fights end up turning into wrestling matches.

I think MMA has recently become popular due to that fact.  MMA mixes up boxing along with kickboxing and wrestling.  This could be fun.  You don’t need to get super serious about the sport.  Just the local matches can help you practice those skills.

  1. Foraging

Nature has a whole heap of resources available to us that we don’t even know about.  Every day we unknowingly walk by food that could be eaten in a survival situation and don’t even know.  I learned this recently when I went on a garden tour (not a vegetable garden) and was instructed to eat some leaves.  At my surprise they were delicious and had a minty taste to it.

At least once I month I try to go into the woods to practice foraging.  I know some people that quickly look at a plant to determine if it is edible or not.  However, I have been using a guide to help me.

Altogether these are some fun activities that you can get into to practice survival/prepper skills.  If you have any other suggestions then leave a comment below.  Your feedback helps the prepper community.



Photography by James Mchale