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DIY Survival Gear Using Trash Bags

diy survival gear trash bags

  Stockpiling high quality prepper gear can get really expensive.  I have seen preppers who have bug out bags with a thousand dollars worth of gear packed in it.  For most preppers this isn’t do able.  Luckily there are some diy survival gear that most of us have around the house that can be used until we can purchase a ...

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Spyderco byrd Cara Cara2 Review

spyderco byrd cara cara2

  In this review I will be talking about my Spyderco byrd Cara Cara2 Black FRN folding pocket knife.  If you have seen my recent post where I showed my EDC pocket dump then you will remember that I quickly displayed the knife.  In this post I want to give a more in depth review. Many of you that are ...

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D-Link DCS-932L Review

d link dcs 932l

D-Link is a networking company known for producing many products such as wireless routers, port desktop switches and wireless surveillance cameras.  The D-Link DCS-932L is one of their cheaper and smaller cameras but is still able to get the job done. D-Link DCS-932L Review Features The DCS-932L records during the day and the night.  You are able to view the ...

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DIY Survival Gear Soda Can Stove

DIY Survival Gear Soda Can Stove

  Disaster preparedness is one of the things that the government asks the public to take interest in. With devastating storms and all kinds of natural disasters come and go, one does not know when things go bad and you simply have to be prepared for the worst. On that note, DIY survival gear would be one of the practical ...

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5 Things to Prep for the Election Season

  It is easy to get caught up into the hype of the election season.  This is especially true when you have a law breaking president in office and other crooked politicians in the Congress.  We can become so passionate that we lose focus on everything else. This is not good for a prepper.  We must be focused on being ...

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How to Survive Martial Law

how to survive martial law

  11 million people died during the Holocaust.  The reason that such a wicked movement was able to destroy so many people is because they were able to defeat and control people by fear.  The Nazis controlled almost every aspect of life for not only foreign lands conquered but also on their own country.  Unfortunately the victims did not know ...

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How to Freeze Dry Food

how to freeze dry food

  Having a stockpile of food is essential for every prepper regardless of the SHTF scenario.  There are multiple options when it comes to stocking up on food.  You can buy canned food, rice, MREs, grow and can your own or freeze dry.  In this article we will be speaking about how to freeze dry food. How to Freeze Dry ...

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How to Protect Against EMP

how to protect against emp

  One of the biggest, if not the biggest, threat that our civilization faces today is an EMP.  An EMP is a short burst of electromagnetic energy either from a natural or manmade source such as an nuclear or EMP attack.  Essentially an EMP has the ability to absolutely fry all sources of electricity which would throw our society into ...

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How to Prevent Home Invasion

  How to prevent home invasion is really a trick question.  Every 20 seconds there is a home invasion.  Home invasions have the second highest arrest rate for property crimes in the US at 82.9 per 100,000 inhabitants. Once a potential intruder has it made it up his mind to break into a house there are only a handful of ...

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Maxpedition Beefy Pocket Organizer Review

Maxpedition Beefy Pocket Organizer

This video is a review of the Maxpedition Beefy Pocket Organizer. I use this for my EDC bag so you will get to see my EDC that is included. It is important to have an organizer for your prepper gear so that you can have access to each item quickly. You can find the bag at http://amzn.to/1PmvHze. Download the Ultimate ...

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