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How to Store Silver Securely

how to store silver

  Not everyone has the ability to live like the rich and famous who can afford expensive vaults and safe rooms to store valuables securely.  Then again, some of us do.  However there are actually cheap and easy ways I’ve found how to store silver securely. It would be a shame to spend thousands of dollars in stacking silver to only ...

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11 Helpful Features in a Perfect EDC Bag

  When it comes to everyday carry systems there seems to be many schools of thought or understanding.  Either way it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what items of gear that you use on a daily basis or will need in case of an emergency. The everyday carry or EDC bag is the second layer or tier ...

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Packing a Bug Out Bag

  Many preppers talk about bug out bags and the prepper gear that goes inside of it but many do not know how to pack a bug out bag. If you are familiar with packing a camping bag then this is similar. In this video we will go over how to pack your bug out bag properly instead of just ...

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8 Must Have Items for Escaping Social Unrest

  “No Justice No Peace” is what a lot of protesters proclaim as they destroy local businesses and neighborhoods.  It sounds oxymoron.  They don’t use logical thinking but instead their actions are based off of emotions. Throughout the world we are seeing social unrest due to faltered justice systems and even economic declines or collapses.  It doesn’t seem to be ...

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Baofeng UV-5R Programming

  Programming the Baofeng UV-5R manually is actually really easy. Now you could program your channels by using a software called Chirp that you can find at http://bit.ly/1KVPTDU. In this video we will be programming manually. You will need 2 things: 1. Baofeng UV-5R (Amazon) 2. Frequencies that you can find at www.radioreference.com Clear All Current Channels: 1. Press menu ...

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