3 Important Considerations Before Buying Prepper Gear

prepper gear considerations


As a new prepper there is the temptation to go out and buy everything that you see on Doomsday Preppers or preppers on Youtube.  Then, when you are $400 out the hole and the crap still hasn’t hit the fan, you then find yourself in a dilemma.  You have a whole lot of things that you can’t even currently use.

In a previous post I wrote a preppers list for getting started and what type of prepper gear that you should begin with.  There needs to be a plan.  You shouldn’t be just spending without an order to it.

Before putting together a plan we must consider a few things such as:

  1.  Do you absolutely need this item or does it just look cool?

I notice a lot of preppers on forums that are extremely focused on their bug out and guns without considering more important things.  In my opinion bugging out should be the absolute last option for when crap hits the fan or any other type of situation.  Bugging out is extremely challenging and a lot of us are not prepared for it (kind of ironic to being a prepper).

I think a lot of us get caught up on the bug out bag because we fantasize a lot situations that could possibly happen.  In all reality a situation that would cause you to bug out has extremely low chances of ever happening.

Therefore as we go shopping for our prepper gear we must consider if we absolutely need that item.  Yes it would be nice to buy a $200 bug out bag but at the same time couldn’t you spend that on something that has a higher chance of happening?  For example, if you live in the southeast of the United States you are more likely to encounter a natural disaster such as a hurricane.  Are you prepared for that type of event to happen?

If you use the preppers list that I provide you it will give you a step by step guide to purchasing prepper gear.  The preparations start with events that will most likely to happen all the way up to less likely.

2.  If you buy cheap you buy again

A lot of us are prepping on a budget and are faced with the challenge of trying to get all of our preps in order ASAP.  So many times we will cut corners and purchase the cheapest prepper gear we can get our hands on.  For example, one man told me that he was in Wal-Mart and seen items that he said that could be used for his bug out bag.  This is including the backpacks at Wal-Mart.

Unfortunately, a lot of those backpacks from Wal-Mart are not going to last you long.  Even for just small activities like carrying books to class they tend to rip easily.  On top of that a lot of the bags there are not water resistant.

So yea, you could have all of the prepper gear for your bug out bag but will it be able to take the beating?  If not, you could be stuck on a bug out with broken prepper gear.  So sometimes it is worth paying extra for prepper gear.  We should focus on quality more than anything else.

3.  Look for ratings and reviews

A final thing that we need to consider is are there any reviews for the prepper gear you are considering purchasing?  There is no better marketing than a satisfied customer.  This is why I search the internet looking for reviews before purchasing items online and offline.

This is a big reason for this blog.  I will be reviewing a lot of the prepper gear that I purchase so that you can make an informed decision.  It is hard to make wise decisions when you are new to prepping.

So for example I purchase a lot of prepper gear from Amazon.  When considering making a purchase I always look at the amount of reviewer stars an item has.  I typically would prefer a product to have at least 4 stars.  That is the bare minimum.  My real preference is to have 4 ½ or 5 stars of course.

If a product has 4 stars I will look at the bad reviews.  If a lot of the bad reviews have the same complaint then I won’t purchase that item.  However, if the complaints are just stupid or from unverified purchases then I am more likely to take a risk to purchase that item.

It is also preferable if that item has at least 1,000 reviews.  If the product has less than a 100 reviews then I’m definitely not purchasing that product.  This is because the sample size is just too small.  But if there are 1,000 reviews then I feel more confident because purchasers like the product enough to take the time and leave a review.

So these three tips would be my suggestions to consider before purchasing prepper gear.  What things do you take into consideration before purchasing prepper gear?  Please leave your comment below to not only help me but also the prepper community.


Photography by Chris Potter