4 Preps More Important Than a Bugout Bag



A TV character once said, “You need a bug out bag, it’s like a diaper bag.”  I found that hilarious but also true at the same time.  You will want to have a bug out bag when shit happens.

A nasty shit is never expected.  You know that the baby is eventually going to drop a nice deuce but don’t know when.  Most of the time it is in the most awkward, uncomfortable circumstances.

The bug out bag is just that, the diaper bag.  You know that shit is going to hit the fan but you just don’t know when.  So it’s nice to have it to be prepared.

However, bug out bags are not what prepping is all about.  There are many other scenarios that are much more likely to happen than being forced to bug out.  Therefore you should be more focused on that.

In the preparedness community I see so much hype behind bugging out and bug out bags.  It seems that is all the talk that you hear.  However, there is no talk or hype about the more important preps to have.

4 Preps That Are More Important Than a Bugout Bag

  1. Home Preps

Bugging out will get many preppers killed.  Yet many seem to fantasize about grabbing their bug out bag and heading for the mountains to fight off the globalists or zombies and every opponent that you can think of.  Unfortunately they don’t have the survival or even tactical skills to make that dream a reality.  They sadly believe that they will be able to survive whatever comes there way with whatever they have packed in the bag.

The truth of the matter is that bugging out should never be plan A.  The ultimate plan should include being so prepared that you don’t have to flee from your house.  Many claim that isn’t attainable due to finances and comfort-ability.  However, what is more important?

Home preps don’t just include gear and supplies for when a possible bug out scenario arises.  They should include supplies for other possible threats such as grid down situations, natural disasters, home invasions, etc.  If you have spent more money in your bug out preps than you have in your home preps then you doing it wrong.  You are putting the horse before the cart my friend.

  1. Everyday Carry Preps

You are more likely to get attacked or robbed than ever being faced with the possibility of bugging out.  1 out of 5 people are assaulted each year in America.  That is 20% of a 100,000 person populated city.

Therefore you need to be prepared for facing that threat on a daily basis.  You should not only have prepper gear to help you survive potential attacks but also develop skills such as self-defense, handgun defensive training or boxing skills.  You should of course have your conceal carry along with items of gear in your P.A.C.E. (Primary, Alternative, Contingent and Emergency).  Such items could include mace, a tactical pen or pocket knife.

Another everyday threat that you should be aware of is car accidents and breakdowns.  Most of the population in the United States drives a car once a day.  On average there are 3,287 deaths from car accidents per day.  These are only death statistics.  This does not include those that are seriously injured.

You should have emergency gear in your vehicle not only for yourself but also loved ones or others that may be involved with the accident.  You of course should have a first aid kit in your vehicle EDC.  Other items of gear that you should consider should be a glass breaker, winch, and even bolt cutters.

  1. Financial Preps

As a prepper we should strive not to be dependent upon the government and the economy.  So that a financial crisis wouldn’t affect us.  It is more likely that you will encounter some personal financial trouble or economic crisis than you would face bugging out.

At the time of this writing there are 96 million people without jobs.  In the last 20 years we have seen unemployment skyrocket from under 4 percent up to over 15 percent (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2014/05/16/the-terrible-luck-of-long-term-unemployment/).  So you are more likely to face unemployment then you will have to face bugging out.

You shouldn’t be going into debt buying gear and supplies.  That wouldn’t be considered prepping but rather hoarding or just shopping.  In order to be prepared you should not only be looking for ways to save money but guard assets while developing a self-reliant lifestyle.

So you should definitely be cutting up your credit cards.  You need to look for ways to get out of debt so that you can stop paying interest.  You could be using that interest payment to put toward gear and supplies.

If you can’t touch it then you don’t own it.  The fiat currency of the United States has everyone in the bondage of debt through credit cards and student loans.  Even the paper money that we do carry only takes 4 cents to print.  It is worthless.

Every fiat currency throughout the history of mankind has utterly failed.  We are seeing glimpses of that with economic collapses in Greece and Venezuela.  Banks are holding the cash that people had been saving for years restricting access.  The people of Argentina were limited to only withdrawing $60 per day from their account even though it was supposedly THEIR money.

This is why I have recommended on multiple occasions that preppers should buy silver.  You can buy junk silver that is still widely recognized throughout the world today.  American Silver Eagles are another great coin to have when there is an economic collapse or financial crisis.  Precious metals will always hold their value against inflation.

  1. Get Home Preps

In a previous point I mentioned being prepared for potential accidents or breakdowns.  Along with those preps you should include a get home bagTHIS IS NOT A BUG OUT BAG!  I’ve seen so many preppers state that a get home bag is the same.  They have 2 completely different purposes.

Get Home Bags are developed to help you to get home.  This isn’t meant to help you survive the end of the world.  It is to get you back to your house where your supplies and gear are located.

Not only are Get Home Bags useful for car accidents or breakdowns but also for social unrest like the riots that we have lately in the United States.  Many of the riots block important flows of traffic that can hinder you from getting home or could put you into harm if you are stuck in them.

In a previous post I mentioned how you can determine what should be included in a Get Home Bag.  This is really dependent upon the distance that you have to travel.  If you typically drive an hour to work every day then you will probably need more gear and supplies than someone who lives 5 minutes down the street from their office.

This doesn’t always mean that you will be walking all the way home.  It could be that you just need to get to a safe location where someone can pick you up.  Maybe if you know someone that lives close by then you could just walk to their location until you are able to get home.  So not everyone is going to have the same load out in their Get Home Bag.  Either way it is more important to have a Get Home Bag before you start building a Bug Out Bag because this is more likely to happen than a bug out situation.

Altogether preppers need to prioritize by a matter of not only importance but likelihood.  We should also realize that there is more to preparedness than just bug out bags.  These 4 would be my suggestions.  What other preps would  you recommend preppers should focus on before building a bug out bag?  Leave your comment below.  Your feedback helps the prepper community.



Photography by Imran Ali