4 SHTF Scenario Lessons Learned from the Brussels Attack

Just recently the world witnessed a horrific terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium where at least 31 people were killed and 270 people were severely injured.  This SHTF scenario happened at an airport and a subway station during rush hour traffic.  These locations were chosen due to the large crowds of people that would be there.

We should not only take time to mourn those that were lost but also should examine this SHTF scenario to glean lessons that will better prepare us.  Terrorist attacks can happen anywhere.  We should never be ignorant of that fact.

Recently I wrote a blog article on How to Survive a Terrorist Attack.  The tips in that post should be a foundation on how to respond in such an event.  With this recent attack I believe there are interesting points to take into consideration.

4 SHTF Scenario Lessons to Consider:

  1. Terrorists are determined for revenge

Prior to the Brussels attack a person who was believed to be involved with another terrorist attack in Paris was arrested.  It seems as if the terrorist cell in Brussels was quite upset about this arrest.  So much so that they were determined to seek revenge.

If you live in a city where a terrorists was recently arrested then you should be on high alert.  There is going to be a high likelihood of an attack as a response to that arrest.  Therefore you will need to consider where you are traveling and supercharge your alertness level.

  1. Stay away from the crowd

If you live in a city with a high population or is a tourist city then you are very susceptible to an attack.  I mentioned this in another post but it is worth repeating, terrorists always target areas where they can cause the most damage.

As a prepper who may be living in a highly populated city it may be hard to stay away from the crowd.  There really is no better answer or suggestion.  Simply put, you are VERY susceptible to an attack.  Either way you should do your best to stay away from crowded areas like airports, malls, transit stations, etc.  I would highly suggest reading How to Survive a Terrorist Attack and consider strategically relocating.

  1. Heavily guarded places don’t guarantee your safety

If you have ever been to an airport then you know the amount of security that are there is plenty.  This is especially true if you live in America where you have to go through TSA before boarding a flight.  The Brussels attack proves that no amount of security can guarantee your safety.

Ultimately it is up to you to be prepared for a potential attack.  If you have to be at such a place then you should consider adding bulletproof plates in your packs or even have a vest on if you are allowed.  These items are essential for your prepper gear whether you are at home or traveling.

  1. Watch for and avoid suspicious people

When you are at busy places like an airport you are there with a purpose.  Many people do not visit these areas just on a casual stroll.  So if you see someone lingering at such a location then you need to be very weary of such people.

A video of the Brussels attack showed the terrorists casually strolling through the airport.  They were not walking with a purpose.  It seemed as if they were wandering and looking around.  Of course we know that they were looking for a place to set off those explosives.  If you see such a person you should get away from them immediately and consider alerting authorities about suspicious characters.

These were some of SHTF scenario lessons that I picked up about this attack.  If you have any additional thoughts to add then please leave a comment below.  Your suggestions will help the prepper community to be prepared for such a disaster.