5 Gun Parts to Buy before They’re Banned

5 gun parts to buy before theyre banned


“No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms” – Thomas Jefferson, Virginia Constitution, Draft 1, 1776.  The mindset of the founding fathers were clear.  It is necessary for people to arm themselves to protect their right to life.  Lately it seems that many politicians in the United States have forgotten the constitution as they have tried continuously to make it harder for people to protect themselves.

It should be expected that this attack on the 2nd amendment will continue until they have won.  So then as a prepper you should expect that day to come.  Until then preparations need to be taken.

Any future gun ban will be founded on the Clinton Assault Weapon Ban of 1994 as a foundation.  This will be the minimum.  Not only were certain guns banned in this law but also certain features which they characterized as military style weapons.

This is because if they cannot ban every gun then they will ban certain features making it almost impossible to buy a semi-auto rifle.  All this was in disguise of lowering the crime rate.  However an official report stated that they “…cannot clearly credit the ban with any of the nation’s recent drop in gun violence (An Updated Assessment of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban: Impacts on Gun Markets and Gun Violence).”

Lately there has been another big propaganda push to ban guns and owner’s rights.  This of course has been pushed by liberals claiming that criminals who commit shootings will obey laws if they are passed.  However, we have seen that mostly all mass shootings have happened in gun free zones which were supposed to allegedly protect people.

In light of that preppers need to be aware of what the gun grabbers will be targeting.  That way you will be well armed and able to protect yourself.  It will also be useful to prepare for an SHTF scenario that happens after a gun ban.  This post will not go over the guns that you need but gun parts.  Now I’m not a firearms expert but these are only my suggestions.

5 Gun Parts to Buy before They’re Banned

  1. Adjustable Stocks

During the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban adjustable stocks were banned because of the characteristic that is supposedly added to the gun.  This part doesn’t make a gun any more deadly.  It does however make it easier to carry.  If you are in tight spaces and need to defend yourself having an adjustable stock will help you shorten the barrel length a tad.

  1. Threaded Barrel

Again, a threaded barrel doesn’t make a weapon any more deadly.  It does however help you to attach a silencer or suppressor.  Now these silencers/suppressors were not banned, just the threaded barrel that it attached to.  Silencers are helpful for not only self-defense but also just going hunting.

  1. High Capacity Magazines

For some reason during the Clinton Ban it was suggested by Ruger that a 10 round magazine would be the ideal length for semi-auto rifles.  There wasn’t a particular explanation behind it.  Many gun grabbers claim that you can kill more people with 30 round magazines or drums than you can with a 10 round magazine.

Having a high capacity magazine can be a life saver.  If you are facing a home invasion there is most likely going to be at least 3 intruders.  Will you be able to defend yourself from 3 people at a time with only 10 round magazines?  Maybe, but having a 30 round magazine would make it easier.

Not only were high capacity magazines for rifles banned in the Clinton law but also for handguns.  However, if you previously had a high capacity magazine before the law passed then it was grandfathered in.  This is why it is important to buy these parts before the ban.  If you try to buy these parts off of the black market during the ban then you will probably pay close to 10 times more than their current price.

  1. Pistol Grips

Somehow adding a pistol grip to a shotgun magically turned it into an “assault” weapon.  It automatically became dark and evil once you added that pistol grip.  Not only were they banned for shotguns but also for rifles.  The funny thing is that mostly all AR-15s come with pistol grips.

This law was passed in an effort to specifically target the AR-15 platform.  Gun grabbers claimed that adding a pistol grip to a semi-automatic rifle made it easier to hip fire and hose people down.  This of course isn’t true.  They had just watched Rambo or Scarface one too many times.

  1. 80% Lower Receivers

The receiver is what officially turns a bunch of parts into a weapon.  In fact, just the receiver alone is considered a weapon.  However, if you remove a few features of that receiver then it just becomes a part.  This is why the 80% lower receivers are so popular these days.

Having a stripped 80% lower receiver gives you the ability to build your own weapon.  CURRENTLY you do not have to get a background check or special permit to purchase these parts.  Recently however, California has begun targeting these parts.

During the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban the prices of these parts sky rocketed.  If they were produced before the gun ban then they were still legal to purchase.  Buying these parts now will not only save you money while helping you be prepared but it will also give you some leverage if you ever had to barter items when SHTF.  Not only ammunition but these gun parts will be highly sought after.  This will not only help you survive but also to thrive which is the ultimate goal.

Altogether these are my suggestions on what to purchase before a gun ban.  Again, I am not an expert firearms trainer or anything like that.  So feel free to leave your suggestion below.  Your feedback will help the prepper community.


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