5 Helpful Entertainment Items For Grid Down Scenarios

grid down entertainment


In National Geographic’s documentary American Blackout, there was the story of a young boy who was stuck out home in the middle of a grid down situation.  His mother wasn’t home.  Of course the young boy’s entertainment typically consisted of playing video games all day.  So when the grid went down he was driven to the point of extreme boredom.

After a couple of days of being bored out his mind he decided to wander into the city to see what was going on.  As a result of that the young boy got stuck in the middle of some extreme situations like rioting and looting.  This boredom drove him into some really unsafe situations.

Boredom during a grid down scenario can be really dangerous.  The definition of boredom is “the empty feeling of having nothing one knows or wants to do and no ideas for changing this; or the trapped feeling of having to do things that are imposed….”  Once man is driven to the point of extreme boredom he begins to feel trapped and looks for a way of escape.

Being prepared most definitely begins with having items that are necessary for survival such as food, shelter and water.  These are the foundation of needs for all humans.  However, as we build on top of the foundation with the different levels of prepper gear items we have to be mindful of being prepared holistically.

A holistic approach will include all areas of life.  A really important area of prepping that is overlooked is entertainment or psychological stimulation.  These are especially important for people that live in the urban and suburban areas where there is a constant connection to the grid.

For the most part, when waking up in the morning we are instantly bombarded with noise.  Some noises include the ones that we produce and those that are produced by others like traffic outside.  However, if the grid was to go down there will be a lot of silence that is caused.

If you have ever been in a blackout then you know that there is a feeling or atmosphere that is accompanied with it.  For the most part there is silence because we no longer have tv’s or other entertainment keeping us stimulated.  This is a big difference compared to someone that grew up in the country or is off of the grid.

So if the grid is down for an extended amount of time there will be a transition taking place.  This lack of stimulation will cause psychological effects.  This is certainly true if you are not prepared.  So it is important to take these things into consideration.  There are plenty of items that we can add to our prepper gear to keep us entertained during a grid down or even a bug out situation.

5 helpful entertainment items of grid down scenarios

1.  Books

Having books to read are not only good for entertainment but also for increasing knowledge.  This is especially true if you have bugged out to a secure location and probably forced to stay there.  It would be helpful to have books on gardening, security and even hunting to read.

Books are also helpful to keep children entertained.  The imagination of young children runs wild.  Many times that are overly entertained by reading or being read books.

2.  Games

We live in a time now where most of our games are all electronic.  A lot of these games are unsocial.  This is in comparison to when I was growing up we would have a lot of fun playing board and card games.  If you are forced off the grid it would be great to go back to these roots.  Adults could play card games like spades, poker or even solitaire if you are not into those types of games.  And the children of course can play fun games like Gold Fish.  The great thing about these games that they don’t take up a lot of space in your storage.

3.  Crafts

Another great item of prepping gear to have are craft items such as drawing or painting utensils.  You can even have materials for wood working or other types of crafts.  Having wood working crafts is not only fun but help us develop skills with wood working.

4.  Sports

Now sports gear may take up a lot of space with your prepper gear.  Basketballs can be pretty big.  However, you can also have small items like a baseball and you could even chop down your own wooden bat.  Also you can have a football.  These games are not only social but keeps you physically fit.

5.  Music

Everybody loves karaoke.  The great thing about playing music games like karaoke is that you don’t have to be a great singer.  You can be awful but that is what makes it so fun.  Of course you can have your own musical instrument just to play for inspiration or even worship for in home church services.

So these are a few of my suggestions on how to stay entertained during a grid down scenario.  If you have any suggestions to add then please leave a comment below.  Also don’t forget to sign up for my email list HERE to stay up to date with all of the newest posts.