5 Must Have Guns Every Prepper Needs

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“One man with a gun can control 100 without one.” – Vladimir Lenin.  This is such a true statement.  You can see that when a robber who sticks up a bank.  Just one person with a gun can paralyze hundreds of people in fear.

Another example of this when you take a look at the Holocaust and how the Nazi’s controlled Europe and their enemies with their guns.  Millions of people were killed by those who had guns.

Guns are not only used for evil but also to fight evil and tyranny.  This is why police officers are given weapons to protect and to serve the community.  The United States broke free from the chains of tyranny with guns when they rebelled against the British.

Therefore as a prepper it is important to have a gun.  This is regardless of where you live.  I’ve said this in multiple posts now.  Our rights are not given by what man writes down on a piece of paper.  Our right to life is given by our God.  Every human has this right.

There are a few reasons why a prepper should stock up on guns including: protection from society, protection from tyrannical government and for investing.  A prepper should have a gun to protect his home and the well-being of his family and community.  If a prepper sees that someone being oppressed by someone with a gun it is their responsibility to fight for them just like they would fight for themselves.

A prepper should stockpile weapons to protect themselves from a tyrannical government.  Now you don’t necessarily have to patriotic.  I understand that not all preppers are patriots and would be willing to fight with a militia against a tyrannical government.

However, if you look in history the Holocaust was preceded by gun confiscation.  This left Hitler’s victims unable to defend themselves from a merciless ruler.  As a result of that millions of people died.

As a prepper you understand that there is the chance that your government could be tyrannical and subject its people to a gun confiscation.  Or it could be that the government can just decide to genocide a certain people.  A government could be overthrown by a merciless ruler and decide to kill millions of people.  It is important to be prepared for these different types of SHTF scenarios.

Lastly, it is important for a prepper to stockpile guns because they are an investment.  Guns and ammo are now seen as a commodity like precious metals these days.  As many governments threaten gun bans the prices of guns and ammo are being driven to record highs.  In the case of a gun confiscation or ban your stockpile of guns and ammunition will give you purchasing and bartering power.

Now I don’t recommend going out to buy any type of gun or going broke trying to stockpile on all types of guns.  It is nice to have an assortment of firearms but I believe there are 5 guns that every prepper must have.  Below I will list my reasons as to why it is important for a prepper to have these guns.

5 Must Have Guns Every Prepper Needs

  1. 22 Long Rifle

Now before you flip out and start complaining about how weak these guns are let me explain.  Yes, the 22 long rifle is definitely not a powerful gun.  It probably won’t help you take on a band of invaders or armies.

However, there are some benefits of having a 22 long rifle.  These rifles are great for hunting small game.  This would be important in a survival situation if you ever had to bug out and hunt your own food.

The 22 long rifle is also light and mobile.  Most of the time you can attach this to your bug out bag or even put it inside of it and won’t weigh you down like an AK 47 or AR 15 would.  This would help you to be mobile which is especially important if you are in an escape and evasion scenario.

The 22 long rifle is also quiet.  It doesn’t have a big bang like other weapons.  This will help you to move quietly in a survival situation.  It also won’t scare off other animals when you are hunting.

One of the greatest reasons why a prepper should own a 22 long rifle is because the ammunition is dirt cheap in comparison to other weapons.  Ammunition for a 22 is also extremely available and common.

This is good because you should be shooting 22 ammunition when you are in tactical training.  That way you are not going through hundreds of dollars in ammunition for your other weapons.  Now yes, it doesn’t shoot as powerfully as other rifles so it wouldn’t simulate the recoil and everything else.  But doing tactical training with the 22 will help you with memory muscle.

  1. 12 Gauge Shotgun

No sane person wants to argue with a shotgun.  Come on, they are just intimidating especially when you hear someone cock it back.  Shotguns are well known for their stopping power.  So every prepper must have at least one in their home for defense.

The really great thing about the shotgun besides its power is that you don’t need to have precise aim because of the bullet spread.  You don’t have to be spot on with your target but only relatively close.  When you are in a home invasion you will not have time to pull one up and aim accurately quickly enough.

The other great thing about the shotgun is that they are widely available and common.  Unlike rifles there isn’t legislation seeking to ban or limit the sale of a shot gun.  Not only is the gun itself widely available but so is the ammunition.  This is very helpful when stockpiling or if you are in a SHTF situation you will be able to easily find what you need.

  1. 9mm

Every prepper needs to have a concealed weapon that is small but yet powerful.  There are other handguns like the .45 that are more powerful than the 9mm.  However, the 9mm is easier to conceal without sacrificing much power.

9mm are also very common and widely available.  This will help you to again stockpile or easily find in a SHTF scenario.  The ammunition is also common and widely available.

  1. AK-47

For these final 2 guns we will be talking about the most controversial rifles to own.  Governments and its media have painted bad pictures of the AK-47 because it has been used for good and bad.  Ultimately though the AK-47 is the most durable and reliable rifle on the market.  Most armies of the world use the AK-47.

The downside of the AK-47 is that faces a lot of legislation due to its high magazine capacity.  However, this can also be a good thing for a prepper.  As tougher legislation is passed AK-47s will become harder to get which in return will drive the price higher.  Therefore it would behoove you to stockpile this rifle.  So when it comes down to a SHTF scenario you will have bargaining and bartering power.

Although the AK 47 is foreign produced it is still extremely available in America.  The rifle itself is typically easier to find than the ammunition is.  This is another reason why even the ammunition is a good investment for the prepper.

  1. AR-15

Just like the AK-47 the AR-15 does face tough legislation due to its high capacity magazines.  However, the gun and parts are more common and available than the AK-47.  Also, if you are on a budget you can actually build an AR-15 yourself by buying one part at a time.  This is another advantage over the AK.

The AR-15 does have better accuracy and distance as compared to the AK-47.  I know that I am going to catch some flak from the AK fans but you know that it is true.  Ultimately this is another great investment for a prepper with tougher legislations that are coming against the AR-15.

So that was the 5 must have guns every prepper needs.  If you have any additional suggestions please leave your comment below.  Your feedback will help the prepper community.


Photography by Kenneth Lu