5 Reasons Your Apocalyptic Future Contains a Bowman (Guest Post)


So, the apocalypse…. It’s going to be a big deal, maybe it’s what you are preparing for, maybe you think it should just be subject matter for Sci-Fi novels and movies. Me? I’m of the opinion that the future is what we make it, most of what you see in the world today was once just an idea in somebody’s mind once and they either wrote it down for someone else to build, or they built it themselves.

I think the apocalypse may be something we make ourselves like WWIII but on the other hand, maybe it will be something to do with aliens. Does it really matter? At some point, the world may end catastrophically, and you won’t be prepared, protected and potentially awesome unless you choose a bow and arrow to defend yourself with.


5 Reasons Your Apocalyptic Future Contains a Bowman


Bows are Faster to Assemble Than Guns


Remember that scene in Forrest Gump where he practices disassembling and reassembling a gun? Did you see all those parts? Now imagine you have to clean your gun (because it got covered in zombie’s guts) and you hear the tell-tale gurgle of an oncoming member of the walking dead. Will you be able to reassemble your gun in time? Unlikely. Now, what if you were in the same situation, and all you had to do was knock an arrow? Get the idea? One ends in a dead zombie, one ends in you becoming a zombie. Or lunch. However, that works.


Never Run Out of Ammo


You’ve seen Daryl Dixon stalking through the forest collecting his crossbow bolts, or Legolas gathering his arrows, dislodging them from Orc carcasses. If you use a bow, you’ll never run out of ammo! With the collapse of society will come the collapse of manufacturing. If they’re not making guns, they’re not making bullets either.

Lucky for you arrows are completely reusable (unless they break, which does sometimes happen). While it is possible to pack your own bullets, it is a process that requires specialized tools and a lot of supplies. It’s a lot harder than just pulling the arrow out of the last thing you killed and turning that bad boy on your next target. You can even make your own arrows out of sharpened sticks if you get desperate, which, at some point, you probably will. Let’s see you shape a rock into a projectile that will fit into your Glock without blowing your hand off.


The Versatility of Arrows


If we’re experiencing a dystopian future, we’re living a sci-fi novel. And in sci-fi novels, there is cool technology, like arrows with different, useful, and sometimes deadly tips. Consider the explosive arrow, very good for someone who doesn’t have great aim. They exist today, but they’re not particularly easy to get hold of or reliable.

Your arrow tip could deploy poisonous gas, knockout gas, or laughing gas if you’re feeling silly. How about armor-piercing arrowheads? How about a grapple arrow that will allow you to attach a rope with accuracy you just wouldn’t get by throwing. In the terrifying alternative future, we’re almost certain to someday live in, arrow technology could explode. Literally.


Run to the Hills


Whether Russia invades or Neo-Nazis have nukes, when the SHTF, grab your bug-out bag, your bow, and head into the wild. With a bow, you’ll be perfectly supplied to live off the land. You can use one to start a fire by simply wrapping the string around a stick and going to town on another stick, it’s called a bow-drill and it’s one of the best primitive ways of making fire.

A bow is also all you need to hunt a wide range of game and even fish, take a look at bow fishing. Don’t fight rationing or wait in bread lines. When the going gets tough, the tough head to the hills.


Bows Are Cool, and the Future Always Has Cool People

Face it. If you know how to use a bow and arrow to accurately hit your target something, you’re automatically much cooler than someone who doesn’t. There’s a lot of kits available today and many different types of bows that look pretty awesome. In the future, what may now seem like an interesting hobby will become a life-saving skill, making you indispensable when groups of the wandering lawless form gangs and fight for survival.

Besides making you highly desirable, your archery skills will also raise you to the level of a protagonist in the story of your own life. Think about every futuristic sci-fi novel you’ve ever read or movie you’ve ever seen. Was it about an awesome, butt-kicking librarian? No, because the Dewey Decimal System is lame. You know what’s not lame? Killing a zombie at 200 yards and saving everybody’s lives. A cool future like that needs cool bow-wielding dudes in it, and I intend to be one of them.

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Photography by Dominic Fuchs