How to Carry EDC Gear

how to carry EDC gear


The concept of everyday carry (EDC) is based on the principals of utility and preparedness.  Unknowingly, everyone has an everyday carry but those with a preparedness mindset tend to be more methodical on what they carry.  As a result, this causes us to collect a lot of gear and becomes a challenge to carry around.  So the question how to carry EDC gear must be asked.

Having all that junk in your trunk/pocket can become quite uncomfortable.  As your collection grows you begin to worry about how to protect items such as phone cases from other gear that might damage them.  Limited space also becomes another consideration when building your EDC.

Finally, it can become a pain in the ass trying to organize everything so that you are not constantly digging around in your pockets.  Now this post on how to carry EDC gear is not a one size fits all guide because everyone’s EDC is different.  However, these tips will help you to carry effectively so that you can manage and access your gear.

How to carry EDC gear

There are 3 different tiers of EDC:

  1. Pocket carry

What is in your pockets include the items that you use on a regular basis and need quick access to.  Now, you don’t want your pockets so full of gear that you start to look ridiculous to others.  You especially don’t want to stir up suspicion if you are concealed carrying.

To keep your pockets light and comfortable you will need to consolidate and repurpose items.  One way to do that is use gear that has multiple purposes.  You can use KeySmart that not only keeps your keys organized but can also be customized with additional tools like bottle openers or flash drives.

Another great tool that helps to consolidate space in your pockets is by using a multi-purpose or tactical pen such as the UZI Tactical Pen.  This pen is not only used for writing but can also be used for EDC Defense Gear.  It also serves another purpose with the emergency glass breaker.  That way you if you ever needed to break glass for a fire extinguisher or break a window in case of an emergency this tool would come in handy.  However, there are other pens out there that serve multiple purposes.

Now when I say pocket carry that doesn’t mean all of the gear has to be stuffed into your pockets.  You can also utilize pocket clips so that you have quick and easy access to important items.  You could also use waistbands or cargo pants to carry gear.

  1. Body carry

On the body, carry are items that can’t be placed in your pocket but you still use them on an everyday basis.  Such items include watches, glasses, paracord bracelets, etc.  Another important item to carry on your body is your concealed carry weapon.

Typically these items are easy to carry because they can be placed on something.  For example, sunglasses are placed on your face.  You don’t necessarily need to organize your face in order to carry that.  A concealed carry weapon is placed on your body with a holster.

  1. Close to body carry

Close to body items are items that either doesn’t fit in your pockets or can’t be worn but are still used on an everyday basis.  These items aren’t always urgent items but are used quite frequently. Most of your close to body carry items are packed into EDC bags but can also include your vehicle EDC, office EDC, work EDC, etc.

Ideally, for your EDC bag, it should have many compartments for organization.  However, if you are like me you can never have enough compartments.  So there are other ways that you can further organize your gear.

One way to add organization to your EDC bag is by using organizers.  These are perfect for organizing your additional gear that may not fit into your bag’s compartments.  They also help to group similar items together.  For example, I use the Maxpedition Beefy Pack to help organize tools such as multitools, knives, etc.  That way when I need a tool I know to grab the Maxpedition pack.

Another organizer that I carry is the BAGSMART Electronics Organizer.  If you are a techy person like me or if you have family members that carry a lot of electronics then this is great to have.  It helps to organize your cords, chargers, phones and even batteries.

A third way to organize your EDC gear in your bag is by using pouches.  These can be used for smaller items that don’t really fit into an organizer.  Such items could include hygiene items, medicine, sewing kit, etc.

One way final way to organize your EDC gear is by using kits.  Kits are perfect to use for keeping your carry minimalistic.  Just like an organizer, kits help to group similar items together.  Some great kits to have in your EDC bag include survival kits and first aid kits.  You can either choose to make your own or find some online.  I have this nice small IFAK kit that I keep in my bag from Northbound Train.

Other tips on how to carry EDC gear

Keep It Locked Up

In a previous post, I talked about the helpful features to have in a perfect EDC bag.  In that post, I mentioned the importance of having a lockable bag.  This is important to keep private information and items safe from potential bad guys.  You never who will take the opportunity to lurk inside of your bag if you are away.  You especially don’t want a bad guy to have access to weapons that you may have.

There are a few ways that you can keep those items hidden.  One way to do that is by using a bag that has double zippers.  This way you can lock those two together.  Of course, where there is a will there is a way.  If a bad guy was really was determined then he would just cut your bag open.

Another great way to keep private items safe is by using a bag that has secret compartments.  There are a few bags on the market with some really great reviews.  Some of them have anti-theft compartments that are hidden and not quickly accessible.  Other bags include a concealed carry compartment that is also hidden and lockable.

One such bag is the Kopack Laptop Backpack.  When you look at the bag you can’t really tell where the zippers are.  That way if someone runs up behind you, they can’t just unzip it quickly to grab whatever is in inside.  On top of that, the zippers are lockable.  Finally, there are hidden compartments to hide important or private items.

Tips for Packing Your Bag

When asking how to carry EDC gear it is important to consider how you are packing your gear.  By properly packing your bag you are able to save space.  Packing also helps to keep your pack light and mobile.

You should keep urgent items where they can be accessed quickly from the top or the outside.  Such important items could include a flashlight or a first aid kit.  The less important items should be packed towards the bottom.  When SHTF you don’t want to be digging through your pack trying to find those items.

You should also place heavier items closer towards your back.  Placing heavier items towards the outside of your pack will cause the bag to sag.  This makes it hard to move around and be mobile.

Altogether these would be my tips on how to carry EDC gear.  Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.  Your feedback helps the community prepare the smart way now so that we can thrive later.


how to carry EDC gear


Photography by Mike Petrucci