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Optimizing Prepper Gear

DIY Survival Gear Using a Shemagh

DIY survival gear using a shemagh

  Shemaghs get a bad rep because we see a lot of terrorists and bad guys wearing them on tv and in the movies.  However, a shemagh is actually a really helpful item to use for DIY survival gear.  Just like bandanas shemaghs have tons of uses which we will get into next. DIY Survival Gear Using a Shemagh Cool ...

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Ska Direct Cell Phone Privacy Protection Bag Review

ska direct cell phone privacy protection bag

  Features The Ska Direct Cell Phone Privacy Protection Bag is a bag designed to protect your cell phone, electronics, and other private items from thieves along with other potential threats.  From Amazon I wasn’t able to identify what material this bag was made from.  However, it is big enough to hold a smartphone (my Samsung S6) along with other ...

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DIY Survival Gear Using Tin Foil

diy survival gear using tin foil

    The main reason why you should give importance to a DIY survival gear is that you can be most prepared when a catastrophe ever happens. This actually occurs during a political unrest, a war or even an economic collapse. Through this, you can survive when order, life or civilization has been dissolved. DIY survival gear is designed to meet ...

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Cheaper Than Dirt Bug Out Bag

cheaper than dirt bug out bag

  Bug out bags can get pretty expensive when you are looking for a nice quality bag and then considering all of the gear to add to that.  Building the perfect bug out bag can take some time.  So I put together a video to show you that you can build a cheaper than dirt bug out bag under $25. ...

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Doberman Security Window Door Alarm Kit Review

Doberman Security Window door Alarm Kit

  Doberman Security is a company based in California that produces security products for home, office and for even fitness trainers.  They have been in business since 2001 and are a team staffed with security professionals.  On Amazon Doberman Security states that they “….specialize in affordable security devices for everyday use.”  In this review I will be talking at the Doberman ...

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DIY Survival Gear Using Trash Bags

diy survival gear trash bags

  Stockpiling high quality prepper gear can get really expensive.  I have seen preppers who have bug out bags with a thousand dollars worth of gear packed in it.  For most preppers this isn’t do able.  Luckily there are some diy survival gear that most of us have around the house that can be used until we can purchase a ...

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Spyderco byrd Cara Cara2 Review

spyderco byrd cara cara2

  In this review I will be talking about my Spyderco byrd Cara Cara2 Black FRN folding pocket knife.  If you have seen my recent post where I showed my EDC pocket dump then you will remember that I quickly displayed the knife.  In this post I want to give a more in depth review. Many of you that are ...

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D-Link DCS-932L Review

d link dcs 932l

D-Link is a networking company known for producing many products such as wireless routers, port desktop switches and wireless surveillance cameras.  The D-Link DCS-932L is one of their cheaper and smaller cameras but is still able to get the job done. D-Link DCS-932L Review Features The DCS-932L records during the day and the night.  You are able to view the ...

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DIY Survival Gear Soda Can Stove

DIY Survival Gear Soda Can Stove

  Disaster preparedness is one of the things that the government asks the public to take interest in. With devastating storms and all kinds of natural disasters come and go, one does not know when things go bad and you simply have to be prepared for the worst. On that note, DIY survival gear would be one of the practical ...

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Maxpedition Beefy Pocket Organizer Review

Maxpedition Beefy Pocket Organizer

This video is a review of the Maxpedition Beefy Pocket Organizer. I use this for my EDC bag so you will get to see my EDC that is included. It is important to have an organizer for your prepper gear so that you can have access to each item quickly. You can find the bag at http://amzn.to/1PmvHze. Download the Ultimate ...

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