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Cheaper Than Dirt Bug Out Bag


Bug out bags can get pretty expensive when you are looking for a nice quality bag and then considering all of the gear to add to that.  Building the perfect bug out bag can take some time.  So I put together a video to show you that you can build a cheaper than dirt bug out bag under $25.  You can build this quickly as you continue to build your more reliable bag.

Now, this isn’t going to be top of line quality and yes there are plenty more of other things that you could add to this.  This cheaper than dirt bug out bag is something to get you started.  This is what I could find under $25.

Cheaper Than Dirt Bug Out Bag Items

  • 2 bottles of water
  • 3 boxes of tuna and crackers
  • knife
  • bandana
  • flashlight
  • Pliers
  • Duct tape
  • gloves
  • heavy duty trash bags
  • lighter

So hopefully this cheaper than dirt bug out bag will help you get started with building your starter bug out bag.  Is there anything that you would take out of this list and replace with something else?  If so leave your comment below.  Your feedback can help your fellow preppers.

About Aaron

Aaron is the founder of Smart Prepper Gear and author of The Strategic Prepper. He has been involved with preparedness since 2009 after feeling the effects of the financial crisis that affected most of the country. Aaron also volunteers with CERT (community emergency response team), ARC (Amateur Radio Club), Red Cross and currently studying to be a certified NRA instructor.