Coffee: Reason Why You Should Be Stockpiling (Guest Post)

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Coffee is a high priority item in my prep, and if you have been neglecting this valuable commodity in your long-term storage… I highly recommend that you reconsider.

My husband and I started out as casual hobbyists. Our fascination with the preparedness community began a few years ago when some of the big-names shows first started coming out. As time has passed, and the world has become an increasingly crazy place, we have invested more of our time and money into prepping. We consider ourselves generally happy and optimistic people. However, the more we learn about possible global scenarios and outcomes, the more seriously we take our need to be prepared for the worst.

Aside from being a part of this community, I’m mostly an average mom. I love to talk and write about coffee. Doing so is one of my favorite hobbies, in between raising my kids and running our crazy household. I believe that we all have our personal vices, whether or not we want to admit them, and I would unabashedly say mine is coffee!

During one of these last few weekends, while my Husband and I were doing an inventory of some of our long-term food storage, we got in an argument (albeit light-hearted) about coffee. We were having a debate about whether or not certain foodstuffs and provisions were a necessity in a survival situation. My husband enjoys his morning cup, but he’s not a total caffeine fiend like I am. He joked that if things went south, I would have to give up my daily habit. Suffice to say, I had some words of disagreement!

Now I’m not talking about fancy cafe-style espressos here. I know that I’m not going to be getting my barista made, double shot, skim latte in the event that we have to hunker down and live off our sustainable homestead and what we long-term supplies we have stored. But I would want at least the basics in terms of caffeine, perhaps some instant coffee in the morning before I would have to summon the energy to tackle whatever hardship of that particular day. It’s not about addiction, it’s more about the little things that will help with morale, and help us remember all of the million little comforts that we had taken for granted before SHTF.

I was inspired by that ‘energetic discussion’ to create the following infographic. I think that it makes some interesting arguments about why coffee is such an important resource to include in our preps. At the end of the day, my biggest ‘why’ reason would be what I mentioned above… just the small comfort factor that it would provide for me. Whether or not coffee would be one of your priority ‘creature comforts’ is up to you, and I certainly don’t hold any ill will towards people who could take it or leave it… or who stay away from caffeine altogether.

Stay safe, I wish you and your families all the best in 2017 and beyond!

Liz Thornton

Liz Thornton is an active prepper, self-proclaimed coffee addict, and most importantly mother to three beautiful children. She lives with her family on a small farm in Central Maryland, less than 20 miles from where she grew up. Liz loves to read, and occasionally write, as it helps her unwind from the hectic pace of her active lifestyle. She has a small blog called Charm Coffee, where she mostly talks about the lighter side of life, including coffee and related food and drink.