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Columbia Woodburn Hiking Shoe Review

Columbia Woodburn Hiking Shoe


Having a good pair of hiking boots is of the utmost importance not only for camping but even for survival situations.  The quality of those hiking boots can make or break your experience.  If you are walking for miles you don’t want to be feeling pain in your feet.  You also want to have good grip or traction that can help you climb over objects or to just get a grip on your position.  In this post we will be reviewing The Columbia Woodburn Hiking Shoe and how they stand up to these requirements.

Columbia Woodburn Hiking Shoe Review


Columbia was founded in Portland, Oregon with a focus to provide exceptional outdoor gear.  They have been in business for over 70 years.  The Columbia  Woodburn Hiking Shoe is made up of the Columbia’s patented Techlite lightweight midsole.  The Techlite is said to provide long lasting comfort, superior cushioning, impact absorption and high energy return.  It is also made of the patented Omni-Grip material that claims to tread grip in every environment.

These shoes can purchased through outdoor gear stores, Columbia’s website and even on Amazon.  The price will run you anywhere around $60 to $80.


The Columbia Men’s Woodburn Hiking Shoe provides aggressive tread to give ample grip.  Along with that it provides the aforementioned Techlite lightweight midsole to give a comfortable walking or hiking experience.  It is made of a breathable mesh material so that your feet can breathe to help you fight humidity and sweat.

Who are they for?

If you are looking for a nice quality hiking shoe but don’t want to pay over a hundred dollars for them then this pair would be a viable option.  The Columbia Woodburn Hiking Shoe is great for hikers and even casual walkers who are looking for something more comfortable and provides a grip.  There have been reviews on Amazon where customers used them for everyday use and even just casual walking.

Unfortunately these shoes would not be ideal for locations that rain frequently because they are not water resistant.  The water can easily penetrate the mesh material.  They would work best for dry and even humid locations.

My Thoughts

Overall I have been impressed with the Columbia Men’s Woodburn Hiking Shoe due to how comfortable they truly are.  It literally felt like I was walking on air.  After a 6 mile hike my feet were not killing me as I was expecting.

The grip of the tread also gave me the impression that I was walking faster.  This would back up the claim of Columbia’s patented Techlite that it provides high energy return.  On my last adventure I was walking through swampy conditions but still didn’t have a problem with the grip.  The only thing is that I wish that they were water resistant because my feet soggy.

The only negative thing that I can mention about this pair is that it feels like my weight was shifting to the sides of the shoe.  This worried me because I felt like I could roll my ankle.  All the pressure was moving to the outside of my feet.

If you are looking for a super comfortable pair of hiking shoes for camping, hiking or even survival situations then I would recommend the Columbia Woodburn Hiking Shoe.  You won’t come out of the pocket but my much but will still be purchasing a great quality pair of hiking boots.  Columbia has a great reputation of providing high quality outdoor gear.  Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions about these shoes that I can help you with.

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