D-Link DCS-932L Review

D-Link is a networking company known for producing many products such as wireless routers, port desktop switches and wireless surveillance cameras.  The D-Link DCS-932L is one of their cheaper and smaller cameras but is still able to get the job done.

D-Link DCS-932L Review


The DCS-932L records during the day and the night.  You are able to view the surveillance either from your smartphone through an app or you can download the PC program to view it on your desktop.  On top of that you are able to connect multiple cameras at the same time.  The camera connects through Wi-Fi.  Using the app you can choose to be notified on your smartphone of any activity outside of your house

Target Customer

This camera is great for someone that may be limited to the type of surveillance that you can place around your property.  This is ideal for someone who may live in an apartment and isn’t able to place cameras outside.  The camera is small enough to place on your window pane and doesn’t need to be drilled into the posts or wall.

The camera would also be helpful to those who would like to have surveillance inside of their house as well.  Maybe if you are trying to catch a thief.  The camera is small enough to hide behind a couple of books and other objects so that it isn’t easily seen.


The really great benefit of using the D-Link DCS-932L is that it connects wireless.  25% of home intruders will search for wires to a surveillance camera before breaking in.  Intruders typically will not cut the power to your home.

Also, having the smartphone app to alert you of any activity is very beneficial.  These alerts will give you time to prepare to defend yourself and to call the local authorities in the event of a home invasion.  It is also good if you are away from your property.  You are able to see the surveillance at any time.


  • Able to view real time surveillance from app or pc program
  • Smart phone app notifications of activity
  • Deters potential home invasions
  • Wireless connection so that it can’t be cut by intruders


  • Provides only 240p resolution
  • Doesn’t have great focus (if there is a screen on the window it should be taken off)

Overall the D-Link DCS-932L is ideal for someone looking for a small surveillance camera on a budget.  It gets the job done and is easy to setup.  If you have any questions about the camera feel free to email me or leave a comment in the section below.