DIY Survival Gear Using Tin Foil

diy survival gear using tin foil


  The main reason why you should give importance to a DIY survival gear is that you can be most prepared when a catastrophe ever happens. This actually occurs during a political unrest, a war or even an economic collapse. Through this, you can survive when order, life or civilization has been dissolved.

DIY survival gear is designed to meet both day-to-day and emergency requirements. This should be durable, multi functional, compact, and lightweight. The purpose is to make your travel easier and faster. You can be most ready anytime. Your survival gear or tool should not be hard for you to find or should not be expensive. Below are some of the valuable uses of a tin foil during survival situations:

DIY Survival Gear Using Tin Foil

  1. With the use of a tin foil, cooking over a lighter charcoal or campfire is even made easy. But then, expect that this will leave you with a bitter taste on the food. To avoid it, the technique is very easy. Just wrap the food tightly. Preparing the food using a foil wrap is more about simplicity. For a short day trip, all of the dicing and cutting processes may be performed at home. For longer trips, some of the recipes must be wrapped, frozen and pre-made. If you have frozen the food, make sure to insulate it well and then place it at the bottom of your pack. Wrapping depends on the type of cooking. It can also be a single or a double wrap. For you to avoid leakage while traveling, place it in a secured plastic bag. When you are done eating, leftovers can be placed inside the foil. And then, place it inside a dri-sak.
  2. Can be used as a bottom cover of your cooking pots. If you’re planning to cook on an open fire, the buildup is quite inevitable. Also, you can save tin foil by placing it in a sandwich bag. That one piece can have the ability to last longer.
  3. Can be used as a drinking cup. Tin foil is waterproof and it can hold water for a long time. Through this, you can get the water out of a spring. Many people say that humans can survive for weeks without food but only 3 days without water.
  4. Allows you to leave a footprint register. Before heading out on an adventure, it is rather important for you to leave a “note” behind. Your note should include the details of the place you plan to go. It should also include the things you must do and the time that you’ll be back. There should be the license number and other relevant information. With the use of a tin foil, you can step over it with your boots.
  5. Tin foil can be used in making a funnel or frying pan especially during survival situations. For those people who love outdoor activity and they forgot to bring their cooking tools, tin foil can be a great help to create a flat pan between two branches.
  6. Tin foil can also be used to sharpen scissors. When it comes to outdoor activities, it is very imperative to make sure that your entire tool is sharp. In this way, they are ready to use for the duration of emergency situations.
  7. Tin foil can be used to fix or repair your loose batteries. Once you notice that your flashlight is not working properly, it simply means that there is a battery problem. There is also a great chance that the springs lose tension. In order for you to fix this, all you need to do is to get a tin foil. Fold it until it is thick enough to completely fill the loose.
  8. Tin foil can help you to keep sleeping bag completely dry. You can use tin foil to protect the sleeping bag from moisture. All you need to do is to put tin foil under the sleeping bag.
  9. It can also be used to keep your matches dry. Just simply wrap it with tin foil to make sure that it will not get damp. Apart from this, tin foil can be utilized to catch fish. Fishes are truly fascinated to glossy things. Just simply put a tin foil in your fish hook that will serve as enticement for fishes.
  10. Tin foil is proven and tested effective in protection your fruit trees. It is a fact that plants are considered as the ultimate source of food especially when tragedy strikes, so it is very important to guard them. Just simply put a tin foil in the fruit trees to fright away the birds. The tin foil will reflect the light of the sun that makes the birds stay away from the fruit tree.
  11. Tin foil can be used for signaling. All you need to do is to place a tin foil in branches of trees or you can simply hold it.
  12. It can be used to scrub your pots. If you don’t have scrub pad to scrub the pots, tin foil can be an excellent alternative.
  13. Tin foil can be used to catch fish. Fish love shiny objects.  You can place a square piece on a hook along with line attached to a short branch.
  14. Along with using tin foil to make a cup you can also you use it to collect rain water or dew by simply letting it sit out in the rain or in a humid place for a few hours.
  15. Electronics can be protected by using tin foil to create a faraday cage in case of a possible EMP.
  16. Radio reception can be improved by placing a ball of tin foil at the end of a radio. This is very helpful in case you are in a bug out situation and deep into the woods where radio reception is very low.
  17. Tin foil can help you navigate your way back from the woods by placing them on branches along the way. Now this wouldn’t be ideal in a bug scenario because you wouldn’t want to give away your location or help your pursuers track you.

The uses of tin foil for DIY survival that are stated above will serve as your guide and key to have a clear and better understanding about the amazing uses of tin foil during survival situations. There are many more uses but these few examples can be an adequate starter.  Try them now and see it for yourself.


Photography by A. Strakey