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Exos Bravo Tactical Assault Backpack Sponsored Review


Exos Gear recently reached out to me and requested that I review 2 of their bags.  The bag that I will be discussing today is the Bravo Tactical Assault Backpack (Amazon).  This backpack is similar tactical design to the Condor Compact Assault Pack with a few more tweaks and a lower price pack.

This request worked out well because I had already planned to find another bug out bag to door a $100 bug out bag build.  That post will be coming soon.  Exos advertises that the Bravo Tactical Assault Backpack works great as a bug out bag, daypack or for hiking and camping.  So in the video I took the gear in my current bug out bag to pack it into the Bravo.

Exos Bravo Tactical Assault Backpack Review


  • 600 Denier Nylon
  • 34L 2073 CU inches
  • 5 compartments
  • Heavy duty zippers and utility style cord pulls
  • Chest strap
  • The pack can be purchased at exos-gear.com or Amazon


  • Molle webbing to additional packs or gear
  • Hydration bladder compartment
  • 4 side compression straps and another one on top to keep the pack tight
  • Administrative compartment to hold important documents, pens, radios, etc
  • Waist strap to help keep the weight on your hip and not your back
  • Ventilated mesh padding on shoulder straps and back area to keep you comfortable and not collect moisture from sweat

My Thoughts

To be honest I was skeptical at how much I would be able to pack into the bag especially since my Condor 3 Day Assault Pack is probably 2 times bigger.  However, I actually had fun transferring my gear from the Condor to the Bravo Tactical Assault Backpack.  It helped me to learn how to be more conservative on my gear and decide on what are the essentials.

Preppers, survivalists and even just campers tend to nerd out on all the gear that they can pack into their bag.  However, we need to always remember what is really going to matter in a survival situation.  So I was able to pack my essentials and was quite pleased.

Unfortunately I was packing the bag I had a couple of problems.  First problem is that the waist strap broke and I wasn’t able to reattach it.  Another issue that I recognized is that the stitching to the compression straps looked like they were about to give.  So I would recommend being careful when pulling on the compression straps.  If Exos Gear could do an update with a stronger stitching in those two areas I wouldn’t see any other problem with the pack.

Now I do have one minor complaint but it is really just me being picky and having a preference.  But it would’ve have been super nice to have an extra side pocket to place a 21oz flask for water.  I know that it has a compartment for a bladder but you can never have too much water especially in the summer or in a survival situation.

Once I packed it up I took it with me on a day hike that I took about an hour away from where I live.  I was really impressed with how comfortable the pack felt as I walked through the woods for a couple of miles.  It stayed tight and close to my body which is what you want when you are hiking and especially in a survival situation where you have to take off running.

Overall I was really impressed.  This pack would make a great bug out bag for someone who is on a budget.  Yes it is small but you are receiving a nice quality bag that gives you enough room to pack the essentials.  It would also be great for a survival bag, operator’s bag or even just a hiking/camping bag.

We know how expensive buying gear can be especially with a bag.  For the price point of around $30 to $40 you will hard pressed trying to find something else with this much quality.  Plus it gives your ability for tons of customization by adding extra pouches using the molle webbing.

You can check out the Bravo Tactical Assault Backpack at www.exos-gear.com or on Amazon.  Please leave a comment below or email me if you have any questions about the backpack.  I can definitely help you out.

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