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How to Bug Out of a City

How to bug out of a city is an important question that a lot of city preppers need to ask.  Unfortunately, a lot of us city preppers would be forced to bug out in extreme scenarios like a collapse or fallout.  This is because we are unable to access resources and adequate shelter.

In this video, I will share some tips on how to bug out of a city using maps.  I will cover a couple of maps that will assist you in developing a bug out plan to get out of a city when SHTF.

Resources mentioned:

Google Maps

Community Crime Map

About Aaron

Aaron is the founder of Smart Prepper Gear and author of The Strategic Prepper. He has been involved with preparedness since 2009 after feeling the effects of the financial crisis that affected most of the country. Aaron also volunteers with CERT (community emergency response team), ARC (Amateur Radio Club), Red Cross and currently studying to be a certified NRA instructor.