How to Prepare for Economic Collapse with No Money

how to prepare for economic collapse with no money


How to prepare for economic collapse with no money is something preppers with limited or no budget worry about.  Preparing for a potential economic collapse is easier when you have money to help you save up for in case of an emergency.  We previously talked about how to prepare for an economic collapse with most of preparations being focused on buying precious metals and becoming self reliant.

Many of us face personal financial crisis and have even been affected by the struggling economy.  These challenges many times will discourage and prevent us from prepping.  With this type of mindset we think that only the rich would survive an economic collapse.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.  You are still able to prepare for economic collapse with no money and still survive.  Now, our ultimate goal as a prepper is not only to survive in a collapse but to thrive during it.  With a low quality of life during a collapse it will definitely affect our hope which is an important essential to survival.

You may not be a prepper who can afford a fancy underground bunker where you can Netflix and chill as the world outside crumbles.  But you can still survive during this time by preparing now.  If you wait until a collapse to take action then you won’t have much hope.

How to Prepare for Economic Collapse with No Money

  • Develop Survival Skills

When considering how to prepare for economic collapse with no money or bartering items like precious metals you are going to be dependent upon the natural resources around you during an economic collapse.  Now if you live in densely populated city then the few resources around you will disappear quickly.  This is why it is important to strategically relocate now so that you don’t have to bug out or escape to where there are more resources.

So you won’t have a huge cache of emergency food or water jugs.  It is imperative that you know the basics of the Rule of 3’s now.  The rule of 3’s state that you can only survive 3 minutes without air, 3 hours in rough weather conditions, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food.

You will need to develop these basic survival skills now as a foundation.  You should be familiar with building a shelter that can protect you from the weather conditions such as a blizzard, etc.  Along the same lines you will want to know how to start a fire from scratch.  That means you will need to practice building the dreaded bow drill.  In may be a pain in your ass but it will save your ass if you don’t have gear to start a fire with.

Obtaining drinkable water will be another essential skill that you will need to develop.  This doesn’t mean just drinking water out of a pond or water barrel.  This means you will need to know how to filter and purify that water.  You can cheat and drop in purification tablets but you may not always afford the luxury of those tablets in a collapse.

Finally you will want to know how to gather food.  I’m not talking about going on someone’s property during a collapse and shooting their cow.  Believe me, they will not be as understanding as you think.  Therefore you will need to know how to hunt and trap game on PUBLIC land.  You should also become familiar with foraging edible plants.  Surprisingly there is a lot of food that pass by on a daily basis that we don’t know about.  It’s not going to be a T-bone steak but it will help you to survive.

Fortunately you can find a lot of resources in books and on websites which will teach you these skills for free.  It is just a matter of practicing them which actually develops your skills.  Skills can’t just be learned overnight then never practiced never again.  For example, I was surprised how as a youngster in the Boy Scouts I was really familiar with tying knots.  Now that I am older I am completely clueless unless I practice them repetitiously.

So gather the information that you need now.  Then get outdoors and off of this computer to go practice them.  Go camping with family and/or friends to help you practice building fires and shelters.

  • Develop bartering skills

When considering how to prepare for economic collapse with no money then you should try developing bartering skills.  No, I’m not talking about developing the skills of bartering items.  In this case you will be bartering your own skills in exchange for either currency or essentials.

During a collapse there will be a huge dependency on people with certain skills.  No longer will the economy thrive on douche bags in fancy suits who drive Ferraris.  The most important people will now be those who are proficient in certain skill sets.  Such jobs would include: mechanics, woodworking (for building houses and such), hunter/fisher/trapper, farmer, medical professional or tactical trainer.

In an economic collapse those who are either rich but lack these skills will be looking to hire.  Others who will have prepper/survival groups will be recruiting people with these certain skill sets.  If you are neither of the two then you need to start developing those skills now because you sure as hell won’t have the opportunity to learn and develop them in a collapse.

Thanks to technology a lot of these skills are easy to learn for free.  There are also other free options to help you learn these skills.  For example, you could join a non-profit organization called Habitat for Humanity where they actually teach you how to build homes for free.  You could also find a family member or friend to help teach you how to fish or hunt.  The opportunities are there you just have to go look for them.

  • Develop connections with important people

When considering how to prepare for economic collapse with no money you should realize the importance of relationship.  Have you heard the expression “it’s not about what you know but who you know.”  I learned that reality quickly after high school where I had to go work in the real world and pay my own bills.  I began to see myself being overlooked by people because their friends or family worked for them.  Naturally people will always look out for the people that they really care about especially in a collapse.

So when you consider to how to prepare for economic collapse with no money you need to identify people you could develop relationships with.  You should begin with your family of course.  Next you should have some sort of relationship with your neighborhood.  If you show others that you are willing to help them now then maybe they will be more willingly to help you when it matters.  This is especially helpful when it comes to protecting your neighborhood.  Your relationships can pull a lot of strings and afford you important items.

Altogether these would be my suggestions on how to prepare for economic collapse with no money.  Feel free to leave questions or feedback that you have in the comment section below.  Your feedback better helps the community prepare the smart way now so that we can thrive later.

how to prepare for economic collapse with no money