How to Protect Against EMP

how to protect against emp


One of the biggest, if not the biggest, threat that our civilization faces today is an EMP.  An EMP is a short burst of electromagnetic energy either from a natural or manmade source such as an nuclear or EMP attack.  Essentially an EMP has the ability to absolutely fry all sources of electricity which would throw our society into a less civilized world.  So the ultimate important question is how to protect against EMP.

William Forstchen estimated that nearly half a million people would die in the matter of a few minutes of an EMP (WND).  With millions of people in hospitals plugged into the grid hanging on for dear life would ultimately lose that battle. also says that “Within 12 to 18 months, experts predict, 90 percent of Americans would be dead (WND).”

Our society wouldn’t know what to do living without electricity.  People are usually checking their phone every 5 minutes for a Facebook notification.  Parents place their kids in front of a television to keep them pacified.  Teenagers spend most of their adolescent lives enslaved to their video games.

Furthermore, our more important everyday tools are dependent upon the power grid.  That list includes phones, heaters, stoves to cook food, refrigerators to keep our food cold, etc.  Most people don’t know how to cook food without a microwave or stove.  Going even further, most people don’t even know how to start a fire to cook some food in order to survive.

Therefore it is important to be prepared for an EMP.  There may not be a high likelihood but the threat is still there.  Regardless we should formulate a plan.

How to Protect Against EMP

When you consider how to protect against EMP there are 2 energy surges to prepare for.  There are radio wave surges that come through the air.  Such surges would affect AM and FM frequencies.  The other type of surge is a cable surge.  This type of surge would come through existing cable lines.

Here are some tips on how to protect against EMP:

1.Get Off of the Grid

This is something that I am currently working on.  If you are off grid when an EMP occurs you will not be affected as much as those are dependent upon the grid.  The few electrical devices connected to your solar, wind or propane sources will not be devastating to lose.

Living off grid will give you an advantage when it comes to food.  Most off gridders will can their food instead of storing them in refrigerators and freezers.  Furthermore, all you need is a fire to actually cook the food.  So you will already be proficient in that area.

Living off grid you won’t be dependent upon the city for your water supply.  Don’t be fooled.  The city’s water supply system will be affected by an EMP.  If you are living off grid you can have a rain catchment system or another system retrieving water from a local resource such as a river or spring.

2. Have Cash Money or Other Bartering Items

ATM machines and banks will be down in the case of an EMP.  So you will not have the ability to withdraw money.  Therefore you should always have a certain amount of cash on hand at all times to be prepared for such a grid down situation.

Not only will you want to have cash money on hand but you will need other possible bartering items as well.  More importantly you will need to have those items stored in a secure location along with your other prepper gear.  In a grid down situation there will be rioting and looting.

When it comes to bartering you don’t want to be bartering the essential items such as food, water and medical supplies.  Instead you will need to have items such as coffee, ammunition, water filters, candles and books, etc.  Items like these people will give extra for just to have the comforts that they are used to.

3. Buy Surge Protectors for Key Electronics

To protect against cable surges you should have a surge protector.  This is especially needful for important electronics.  Items like your microwave or DVD player are not important.  This is more for electronics that you would use to communicate, generate power or store massive amounts of information.  In this SHTF scenario you won’t have the ability to carry hundreds of books around with you.

4. Find EMP Safe Vehicle

Now, I have seen some research saying that only 10% of new vehicles will be effected by an EMP and I have also seen research saying the opposite.  Either way you should be prepared for both cases.  It doesn’t hurt to be prepared.  It will only give you an advantage.

So you should identify a EMP safe vehicle.  Survivorpedia has a great article about EMP proof vehicles at Survivorpedia.  If an EMP will affect a mass majority of newer vehicles then streets are going to be flooded with deserted cars.  Other people will probably attack you if seen in your vehicle.  Once you identify a safe vehicle then you should begin stockpiling gasoline or diesel safely.

5. Build or Buy a Faraday Cage

Faraday cages are built to give your electronics protection against an EMP.  You will need to store your important devices within that cage.  Again the important items include those that you will need for communication, generating power, and storing massive amounts of information.  I have even seen garages that were built to be EMP proof.

So these tips would be my suggestions on how to protect against EMP.  Please leave a comment below if you have any suggestions.  Your knowledge can help the prepper community.


Photography by Alec Perkins