How to Store Silver Securely

how to store silver


Not everyone has the ability to live like the rich and famous who can afford expensive vaults and safe rooms to store valuables securely.  Then again, some of us do.  However there are actually cheap and easy ways I’ve found how to store silver securely.

It would be a shame to spend thousands of dollars in stacking silver to only be a victim of a home invasion or a sneaky burglar who knows where your valuables are located.  Just simply throwing your silver stack in a cool wooden pirate’s crate won’t be good enough.  No matter how cool it looks it can easily be split down the middle with an axe.

Storing your silver securely is more about location than it is about what to store them in.  So even if you can’t afford an expensive safe vault through SD Bullion you can still store silver securely without going broke.  Now say that last part 5 times fast.

4 Tips on How to Store Silver Securely

  1. OPSEC

Everyone knows the common home security rule used by preppers and that is “OPSEC.”  Also known as operational security.  This means being careful about what information that you share with others about your location or where you place valuables.  Tiny clues into your life can lead potential intruders to your valuables easily.

No matter how tempting it may be to show off to your drinking buddy your nice silver stack you should keep your trap shut.  Most home invasions and burglaries are conducted by people who know the victim in some shape or form.  It can be co-workers and again even your favorite drinking buddy.

You also need to be careful what you share with your family.  I know that your wife says that you don’t open up but there are some things you don’t want to give details about.  This is especially true for your knucklehead children who like to brag about their father’s coin collection.  Be very discreet with what information that you share about your stack.  You can do all the other tips and still fail if you don’t observe this tip.

  1. Store in a Safe

Now this may sound like a stroke of genius but it is actually really obvious.  Having a safe is going to make it hard for intruders to access.  It doesn’t guarantee that they won’t.  It will just make it harder.

If you have a smaller safe an intruder can easily just pick it up and take off with it.  However, there are other reasonable priced safes that are large with the ability to bolt to the foundation of your house.  Or if you are really fortunate you can afford buying a huge safe or vault from SD Bullion like I mentioned earlier.

The downside of having a safe in your house means if the intruder can’t take off with it they are most likely going to spend time trying to crack it.  YOU DON’T WANT THIS!  You want intruders to get in and out of your house as fast as possible.  You don’t want to give them time to stay and linger.  The more time that they linger the higher the chance of someone getting hurt or killed.

  1. Have hidden locations

To get intruders out of your house quickly I would recommend having decoys set out while your real valuables are hidden in safe locations.  You can set out a small box or safe with some semi-valuable items in them to make the intruder believe that they have hit the jackpot.

You should place your real valuables where they are not only hard to find but not likely that an intruder would search that location.  For example, you can place fake AC vents or electrical outlets that are really safes.  Here are a few other DIY ideas:

  • Cut small slits in tennis balls, place valuables inside and put into tennis ball container
  • Place valuables in cereal boxes, popcorn boxes, sugar containers or even inside of meat in a freezer
  • You could also tape amounts of silver to the bottom of kitchen drawers

When intruders invade your house they are most likely going to head directly into your bedroom because that is where most of your valuables are typically stored as I mentioned in How to Prevent Home Invasion.  So you should place the decoy items in that room.  The kitchen is actually the least likely room in the house where intruders search.  So I would recommend finding secret locations in that room to store silver securely.

  1. Store in offsite locations

Now placing silver in bank safe deposit boxes is not my recommendation on how to store silver securely.  This could be a liability if there is ever an economic collapse.  Instead you could consider other offsite locations like a storage center or survival caches.

If you choose to store silver in an offsite storage garage I would recommend getting a ground level storage space.  This would be especially helpful if the grid is down and you need to quickly grab your silver.  If you are on the second or third floor you would probably have to depend upon electricity in order to use an elevator.

The storage locations should be climate controlled.  You should also have new silver stored in capsules to protect from the air as it could cause it to tarnish.  For other junk silver I wouldn’t worry about tarnishing as many actually appreciate the tarnish on those coins.

Altogether these would be my tips on how to store silver securely.  Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any tips or suggestions.  Your feedback helps the prepper community to prepare the smart way now so that we can thrive later.


Photography by Eric Golub