How to Survive A Terrorist Attack

how to survive a terrorist attack



“The State Department reports that there were a total of 13,463 terrorist attacks worldwide in 2014, resulting in more than 32,700 deaths and more than 34,700 injuries.  In addition, more than 9,400 people were kidnapped or taken hostage.  This meant the number of terrorist attacks in 2014 increased 35% and total fatalities increased 81% compared to 2013.”

Yes, you are ready that correctly.  There was an 81% increase in fatality rate in 2014 compared to 2013.  This tells you that the terrorists are becoming more lethal by causing more fatalities.

Recently we have seen a wave of attacks showing that the terrorists have become more brutish.  They are just plain savages.  No mercy is shown to their victims especially if you are Christian.

This trend is just going to continue to increase.  The only times extremism is quenched is through war.  For example, we see in history how the Nazis became powerful and inflicted pain on their victims.  It was only through war that many people were liberated and could feel safer.

With that being said we need to know how to survive a terrorist attack.  No amount of ammo stockpiling will help you if you don’t know what to use it.  Therefore we need to train and prepare so that we don’t become paralyzed by fear.

How to Survive a Terrorist Attack:


First off you need to take some sort of self-defense and tactical course.  Going to a gun range and practicing shooting targets will not help you when fighting against moving targets.  You need to know how to move, when to move and when to shoot.

Along with that you should get a concealed carry weapon.  If you are in America there is no excuse not to have one regardless of what state that you live in.  Self-defense is a God given right.  It is not a man given right.  What a man puts on a piece of paper does not determine what rights that you are born with.

If you live in other countries that don’t allow you to purchase firearms then you need to find some other sort of self-defense.  You can find other weapons but more importantly you need to know how to use that weapon.

You also need to research where you live or where you are visiting to determine the possibility of being attacked.  Terrorists typically target gun free zones, high traffic locations such as concerts, stadiums, transportation hubs, tourist sites, landmarks, schools and malls.  For example, one highly targeted area could be a mall in New York City.  It’s a popular city with high foot traffic.  On top of that, the gun laws are becoming really strict in that state.

If you live in one of these cities then I would recommend that you strategically relocate.  I highly encourage you to read and study the book Strategic Relocation by Joel Skousen.  This book really breaks down how safe a city is and gives recommendations on finding safety during an attack.

If you are visiting a tourist city or attraction then you need to research that location prior to your visit.  You need to be aware of exits and formulate a plan to bug out if need be.  If you are inside a building then your eyes should be facing the entrances continuously.

Take Precautions

While visiting locations that could be potential targets you need to be aware at all times.  Be wary of people wearing oversized clothing.  Avoid any attended bags.  Be focused and prepared for the fight at all times.

During an Attack

If you are caught in the middle of a terrorist attack then you should be prepared on how to survive a terrorist attack.  If there is a single attacker you could possibly chance taking out the person yourself.  However, be sure to keep your loved ones safe first.  Get them to a secure location with strong cover.  By the way, plastic or wood tables are not good cover.  Get behind some bricks or preferably steel.

If there are multiple attackers and you are alone then you just need to escape.  While running don’t be out in the open.  Hug the walls and try to get in and out of buildings.  Run from cover to cover.  In between each run you need to formulate your next route.

While in cover make sure to leave your belongings behind.  Anything that can weigh you down will be fatal.  You will also want to silence your cell phone.  Wait until you are in a secure location to call the authorities.  Your hiding spot should be a far distance from the attack.

The final suggestions would be to get low when you hear gun fire.  This will make you a hard target if you are far enough.  Finally don’t lock yourself into a room.  This makes you a sitting duck.

If you have any other suggestions on how to survive a terrorist attack then please leave them in the comment section below.  Your advice can help the community stay safe and alive.




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