Important Prepper Gear That You Need At Home

home prepper gear


In a previous post I talked about prepper gear and where to start to prepping.  As a prepper is important to have a goal in mind followed by a plan.  Prepping without achieving a goal is just hoarding.

As part of that plan I think it is important for preppers to focus on attaining prepper gear for the home.  The home is the most important and secure place in a SHTF scenario.  Since bugging out should be your final option it is important to possess prepper gear for the home.

Starting with the rule of 3’s we are able to identify what is most important and what type of prepper gear will be important to collect.  In a survival situation you will can only survive 3 hours in harsh weather conditions, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food.  So in the following list I suggest the most important prepper gear to purchase for the home.

Important Prepper Gear that you will need for:

  1. Heat

Since you only have 3 hours to live in harsh weather conditions it is imperative to have some gear to help.  You will need some heat to not only keep you warm but also to cook food.  In a SHTF scenario where the electrical grid may be down you won’t be able to depend on a stove or microwave.

Therefore I recommend purchasing a folding stove with fuel tablets or even some sort of camp grill hooked to propane.  The fuel tablets are a great way to start a fire quickly.  They typically last about 5 minutes giving you enough to cook food.  If you have a chimney you can use the fuel tablets to get the fire going and later add some tinder along with other wood to keep the fire going.

  1. Filtration

It should go without saying that you need to have at least 3 days of water stored up for emergency.  To be extra safe I would recommend 30 days or even up to a year.  In the case of a SHTF situation you may be out of water and either dependent upon city water or local water.

This is why it is important to have some sort of filtration system.  City water is disgusting and full of pollutants.  So you need something to filter it out and along with heat to purify it.

I recommend a filtration stick or bottle.  They are typically good for hundreds of uses.  Another solution that I have heard about are Berkey Filters.  As of today I haven’t tested Berkey out but it’s worth taking a look at.

  1. Light

In the case of a blackout or grid down situation it is important to have some source of light with your home prepper gear.  In a previous post I mentioned what should be included in your black out kit.  So it goes without saying that flashlights should be included with that.  You should also look into purchasing candles and even lanterns.

  1. Communication

In a SHTF scenario you will want to stay well informed.  Depending on what the situation is you will want information about conditions and even a way to break down disinformation.  So that would include purchasing AM/FM radios for your prepper gear.  You will also want to look into getting a HAM radio that way you can communicate with local family and friends.  Knowledge is power.  Without it your chances of survival are dim.

  1. Security

In a previous post I mentioned how to prevent a home invasion.  In that post I shared some important home prepper gear that will help.  Such items include a surveillance camera, door and window jams.

  1. Defense

Along with home security it is important to have some gear for defense.  If you are in America where it is legal in most states to own a firearm then you NEED to buy one today.  No excuse.  If someone breaks into your house with a firearm you are most likely not going to win the fight with knives, karate or strong offensive language.

If you live somewhere outside of the United States where it is not legal to own a firearm then you need to find some other means to protect yourself.  However, I will state that we do not get our natural born rights from what a man writes down on a piece of paper.  We have the natural born right to defend ourselves.  It is going to be nearly impossible to protect yourself from someone who has a firearm without having one yourself.  So you have to do what is right for you and your family.

For home defense I would recommend having a shotgun in your home prepper gear.  Shotguns will cause a lot of damage in short range situations.  However, this wouldn’t be good if someone is rushing in at you.  It’s hard to pull up a shot gun quick enough in that situation.  Therefore, I would recommend also having a good handgun preferably a 9mm.  You don’t want to get something small like a 22.  You want to cause enough damage that will stop your enemy not just hurt them.

  1. First Aid

Following up from our pew pew talk you will want to have a good first aid kit.  Now for treating gunshot wounds you are going to need a more intensive kit including some surgical tools.  For bare minimum you can start with a kit that you can purchase at your local grocery store.

  1. Power

A lot of the previously mentioned items will need some sort of power.  Flashlights will need batteries.  Security camera will need some sort of electrical plug.

Therefore you will need to stock up on batteries including double and triple A.  You should also look into adding a generator to your home prepper gear.  These sources of power will keep your essentials running during a SHTF scenario.  You may not live comfortably but you will survive.

All together these suggestions are important items of home prepper gear that you need to purchase today.  It may not guarantee that you will be fully prepared but it will give you a fighting chance.  Leave a comment below if you would suggest anything else to add to this list.  Your feedback will help the prepper community.


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