KeySmart Unboxing: Don’t Be Key Dumb

A few weeks ago I decided to purchase the KeySmart after eyeing both that and the KeyBar.  As a prepper it is important to be organized and to be able to quickly grab the necessities in a moments notice.  Many times when we have multiple key chains or leave keys laying around we tend to forget them when they are needed the most.

Another reason that was looking at the KeySmart is because I don’t like to have a bunch of keys poking into my legs through my pants pocket.  Along with that nuisance you have the aggravating sound of keys moving around in your pocket.  This easy tool claims to solve all of those problems.

So I just received the KeySmart this week and wanted to share my experience when first opening the package.  I wanted to show you if it is easy to put together and then available options.  You can go check out KeySmart HERE for yourself to see all of the customization options that they have and build your own.  If you have any questions about the KeySmart feel free to leave me a comment below or shoot me an email.  I will definitely help you with what I can.