Most Recommended Gear from 6 Prepper Pros

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Beginning the prepper journey is the hardest steps to make.  Mostly because we don’t know where to start.  As a result we become fatigue from mental confusion.

After doing some research on the interwebs and even watching some YouTube videos I began to find direction.  Not soon afterwards I learned that there are so many recommendations on where to start and what to buy.  It becomes confusing.

So what I’ve done is started only following with some preppers that have some experience with knowledge to back it up.  You can’t trust every source.  As a result of that I have come up with this list of must have items of prepper gear.

Most Recommended Gear from 6 Prepping Pros:

  1. Small Solar Panel by Southern Prepper

In this video Southern Prepper gives his recommendation of a must have prepper item.  Of course everyone knows to start off with food and water.  Beyond that there are items of prepper gear that are a must have.

Small Solar Panels definitely make sense.  They are useful in so many types of situations.  For example, if you have a grid down situation there are most likely some electronic items that you must have especially for communication.  These solar panels can charge those items while the grid is down.  The other great thing about these panels are that they are light and portable.  So if you have to bug out then you have a source to back up any electronic gear that you have.

  1. Wood Stoves by Engineer 775

Engineer 775 from Practical Preppers recommend that rural preppers have a wood stove.  This is especially helpful for when the grid goes down.  This is also helps for those who have the desire to become self-sufficient.  The stoves not only provide heat for cooking but also warmth during cold weather.

  1. Moving Blankets by The Hoss USMC

Now this recommendation caught me by surprise.  Who would’ve thought that moving blankets would be a must have?  Hoss USMC explains that these blankets are good for warmth when camping but the best use would be for insulation.  These item are relatively cheap and easy to pack.

  1. Survival Books by The Patriot Nurse

Knowledge has no weight.  The great thing about Amazon is that they have thousands of books on survival and prepping.  So that is a wealthy resource that we can learn for.  Like Joe says “knowing is half the battle.”  We not only need to learn more but we need to train on what have learned and begin developing skills.

  1. Tools by Lord Humungus

When people think about prepper gear they automatically think about guns, armor and gas masks.  Prepping includes a lot more than just popping caps in the behinds of intruders.  It is also includes being prepared to fix and build things.  So every prepper must have at least the basic tools such as hammers, screw drivers and wrenches added to their prepper gear list.

  1. Big Berkey by James Yeager

No one can live without water for 3 days.  If you don’t believe you should try it.  So not only is it important to have water but that it is clean as well.  Drinking contaminated water can be worse than not drinking any.  So Yeager highly recommends that you add a water filtration system to your list of prepper gear.

Photography by Bart Heird