No, There Won’t Be Civil War Because of the Elections

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Nobody wins a civil war.  If you have read about the civil war that happened in the United States family and friends ended up fighting each simply because of where they lived.  Yes many were fighting for a cause that they believed in but at the end of the day after losing those people many questioned if it was really worth it.

There has been a lot of talk in the prepper community about the possibility of a civil war after the 2016 elections.  In a previous post I mentioned the possibility.  However, after much consideration and thought about this matter my thoughts have changed.

Many radio hosts and online websites are promoting the possibility of a civil war after the elections just to boost their click-through rates and help them promote their products.  One particular radio host goes on a cocaine loaded rant and at the end he tells people to hurry and buy his products to prepare for this war.  This is fear mongering.

On Smart Prepper Gear I don’t promote and suggest gear or supplies out of fear.  All of my suggestions are based on logic and the probability that an event will occur.  For example, if you live in the south eastern part of the United States I am going to recommend that you prep for a possible hurricane not because I am fear mongering but because the statistics say that you will likely be somehow affected by a hurricane eventually.

With that being said I wanted to explain why I don’t believe there will be a civil war after the 2016 elections.  I’m not saying that the probability is not there but that the likelihood isn’t.

7 Reasons why there won’t be a civil war after the 2016 elections

  1. The military would crush such resistance

Now before you start spazzing out saying that most the members of the military are pro one candidate over the other let me explain.  I understand your assumption and the claims that are made by both candidates but there is no actual research stating the military would break rank to help fight for a civil war.

There are branches of military that are trained to stop any such “civil war” in the name of an insurrection or social unrest.  Furthermore, there are plenty of military members that are democrats as well republicans.  Either case they have been trained to submit to authority.  It would take a high level military officer to even persuade other officers to consider such a rebellion.

Furthermore, military has far more military might than citizens and even militias.  I understand that the militia is designated to fight against a tyrannical government but they just lack the fire power.  For Pete’s sack the military has unmanned drones that they could fly to blow up locations.

  1. Most Americans are passive aggressive

Most Americans are apathetic to the issues of today regarding government.  We’ve forfeited many of rights such as privacy and allowed unconstitutional regulations to the second amendment.  Many simply don’t care when they hear that the government is unfair because they feel helpless and like it doesn’t matter anyways.  Others just foolishly believe the government has their best interest in mind.

You may argue that there is 3% of Americans who are true patriot rebels.  However, most of those three percenters that I have met are out of shape and lack even basic pistol training.  Most of them are too lazy to get off the couch from stuffing their face with French fries and hamburgers to do anything.

To be honest this civil war that many talk about is just a fantasy world.  Much like many people fantasize about bugging out or the end of world.  Most of them are sunk in their couches or computer chairs trolling people online.

  1. Conservatives are not known for rioting or being violent

Most modern so-called conservatives are not aggressive when it comes to responding to unfair treatment.  Just trying to get conservatives to vote or support the NRA is like pulling a tooth out of someone’s mouth.  Most of them don’t even know how to send a strongly worded email to their local house representatives.  So to think that conservatives will take the stand after a supposed election rigging would be laughable.  They would complain and cry about it but never do anything.

  1. Most liberals don’t pack guns

Yes, we’ve seen liberal groups like BLM lynch and riot in neighborhoods but they never carry guns for the most part.  They are more willing to throw rocks through windows then they would get training on how to use a pistol.  So to believe that these groups would all of sudden after the elections change their minds about guns would be moronic.  They’ve been taught that guns are evil.  So they don’t have a cache of supplies like most of us do.

  1. Politically non-involved and third parties don’t care

Many who are promoting this alleged civil war that will happen after the elections never take into consideration those who are not democrat or republican.  You have those that are apart of third parties and those who just don’t participate in voting because they don’t believe that it matters.  These fear mongers will only tell you there are 2 sides.

  1. Civil wars include entire regions and not localized

The civil war that happened in the United States included two regions divided, the north and the south.  It wasn’t just localized to specific cities and towns.  As a matter of fact, if you lived in a town that was loyal to the north or south and you were of contrary belief then you could get executed.

Most entitled liberal brats who are more willing to riot than get a job live in isolated cities instead of towns.  If there is social unrest within those cities the movement most likely will not grow to the towns outside.  It will remain localized.  You will not have complete states and regions fighting against each other.  That means the situation can be contained and de-escalated quickly.

  1. There is no leadership on either side

A civil war would need authority figures who would lead the groups to battle.  Yes, you do have extremist groups like the Nation of Islam or the Klan who have leadership.  Again these groups are localized.  Furthermore, these groups would have to gain wide-spread support which is unlikely to happen.

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe that there will most likely be widespread violence and rioting if Donald Trump is elected.  I don’t believe there will be if Hillary is.  I’ve written before on how to prepare for civil unrest and riots.  This is something that we need to be doing as preppers.

If there was to be a civil war I don’t believe that preppers should be involved with.  Because something like this will happen eventually anyways.  Our purpose as a prepper is identify the threats and plan for them.  We are to keep our friends and family safe.  We are to prepare to not only to survive such situations but thrive through them.

So this is why I believe there will not be a civil war after the elections.  Feel free to leave your opinion and suggestions below.  Your feedback helps the prepper community to prepare the smart way now so that we can thrive later.


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