Parkland High School Shooting and Who is to Blame

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Once again we have witnessed another horrific mass shooting in South Florida in the past week.  In this episode, we are going to discuss who is really to blame and what needs to be done.

Show Notes

The recent shooting

  • once again we have witnessed another horrific shooting
  • this one has taken place in another gun free zone which is a school
  • I’m getting tired of hearing and talking about this
  • 17 people were killed by a student who had been suspended 3 days prior for bringing shell casings to school

Trump at fault?

  • since the Florida school shooting last week many are taking to social media and TV to blame Trump
  • they claim that this shooting happened because Trump repealed an executive order preventing people with mental issues from buying a gun
  • however, this was not the order that he repealed
  • the executive order that Trump repealed was the one that prevented people who received government benefits and couldn’t manage their finances from purchasing or owning a weapon
  • that means, if one of your grandmas was receiving social security benefits and had someone else manage their finances then they couldn’t lawful own a gun to protect themselves

Blaming NRA

  • then other sources were blaming the NRA for this horrific shooting.
  • they linked the fact that the school rifle team received a grant from NRA
  • so I’m guessing they believe the NRA was teaching kids how to shoot people
  • this shows you how fucking dumb people really are

So, Who is to blame?

Society & culture

  • now everyone may have a different belief and perspective on life
  • but I was raised with this belief and I see it on a daily basis
  • I believe that this world is just becoming more evil and crazier by the day
  • you may not be a Christian
  • I’m definitely not living right according to what I believe
  • However, I do know that the scriptures tell us that evil will increase in the last days
  • we seeing murder increase throughout the world
  • our society teaches our children that killing is ok
  • as a matter of fact, a lot of rap music glorifies murder
  • rap music teaches people that they aren’t really hardcore until they have killed someone
  • video games that we play glorify murder along with television shows
  • it is instilled into us from a very early age

Gun Free Zones

  • 98% of public mass shootings in this country occur in gun free zones
  • you don’t believe me? You can see the link to the proof in the show notes of this episode (
  • but wait, aren’t gun free zones supposed to stop people from shooting others in those zones?
  • no those gun free zones only leave the public as open targets for a criminal with a gun
  • there is a reason why these shootings happen at gun free zones
  • they know that they can cause the mass amount of damage without being challenged
  • they know no one there will be able to shoot at them until the cops are called
  • but I guarantee, if a criminal knows that a place is not a gun free zone he doesn’t even consider that as a potential target
  • these gun free zones are just making the American people more vulnerable
  • there are no statistics that say gun free zones have ever prevented a mass shooting
  • it’s because they don’t

Lack of protection at schools

  • it is funny that we place metal detectors in federal buildings and expensive shopping stores
  • but we don’t provide any protection for our children
  • many people oppose placing metal detectors at school because it would make it appear as a prison
  • in all actuality, our schools are already prisons and war zones
  • I don’t know about you but I first learned about drugs and guns at school
  • in fact, since 2012 400 students have been victims of gun shootings
  • I talk to the younger children who attend these schools and a lot of the time they are scared for their lives when they go
  • I think our country is too focused on appearing safe and not actually being safe
  • we don’t want to live in the reality that we are living in
  • the reality is that there are a lot of sick people in this world
  • they going to do people harm no matter what kind of weapon that they use
  • so we need to be prepared for such an event
  • many people are shocked that such an event happened
  • I’m not, I know that there are crazy and sick people in this world
  • that is why I prepare

FBI didn’t stop the buyer from purchasing

  • it’s funny that gun grabbers want the government to impose tougher regulations
  • the government cannot even properly manage the current regulations

What We Need to Do

Promote the second amendment

  • as usual, gun grabbers have jumped the opportunity to politicize this horrific event in their push to grab guns
  • almost immediately we saw politicians and media outlets repeatedly display anti-secondment remarks
  • as a gun owner we cannot be taking it easy
  • this always happens whenever a horrific event happens
  • we get all amped up and taking it to social media to fight for our rights
  • but no one is out there when nothing tragic happens
  • we need to be promoting this second amendment on a daily basis
  • as a prepper, I believe it is essential to have firearms to protect your family and community
  • not only should we become vocal but we need to be supporting the Gun Owners of America Association
  • this is an advocacy group that fights in the courthouses against politicians who wish to take our rights from us
  • It is events like this that we should remember to support this organization on a consistent basis


  • It is your responsibility to be prepared for the fight
  • it isn’t a question if this type of event is going to happen again
  • it is a question of when it will happen and how prepared you will be
  • just because you have a gun it doesn’t guarantee your safety if you don’t know how to properly use it
  • so I would recommend finding local tactical trainers that can help you
  • going to the gun range is not enough
  • the gun range only help you with accuracy
  • training gives you the skills to overcome in a high stress situation

Protect your children

  • if your children attend public schools then I would recommend training them as well
  • you don’t have to train them to use a gun
  • but train them on how to respond and what to do in a school shooting
  • you should even pick up some soft armor panels that you can place in their backpacks
  • they can use this to protect themselves in such a situation
  • I would also recommend storming down to your school board and encourage them to put up metal detectors


  • altogether these are my thoughts on who is to blame for this most recent shooting
  • if you have any questions or responses that you would like to be played on the podcast then leave me a voicemail at 813-658-8257
  • until next time guys, I will see you when I see you, peace