Prepper Gear Spotlight: Smittybilt Seat Covers



This week’s Prepper Gear Spotlight is from @handsome_mack on Instagram with his Smittybilt’s Tactical Seat Covers.  The seat covers typically go for at least $100 but he found a nice deal on Ebay for $60.  Smittybilt Seat Covers can be found on Amazon ranging anywhere from $70 to $100.  Unfortunately the seat covers are not made for every type of car or truck but they do have a wide selection.

The Smittybilt Seat Cover provides 5 different pouches to hold the essentials of bullets, repair kits or even first aid kits.  They are made of 600 denier polyester which is extremely strong.  I’m not sure how much  you would have to worry about wear and tear though.  On top of that you can add additional modular pouches.

This is a perfect way to prepared for the worst including active shooters, terrorist attacks or just stopping robbers.  It provides you with organization so you know where to quickly grab the item that you need.  Every second wasted digging and looking around can cost a life.

If you would like to share some of your prepper gear on the next spotlight then shoot me some pictures.  You can either send it to or DM me on Instagram @Smartprepper.  Label each item accompanied with your gear along with any theme that you may be following.