Prepper Groups Must Have These 7 People

prepper groups


There is strength in numbers.  Finding prepper groups is something that you should begin searching for now.  There is no way to possibly survive for a reasonable amount being alone after the SHTF.  In rough times people come together.  Sometimes it is for good but more often than naught it is for bad.

When SHTF happens you will have to defend yourself against marauders.  You will also need help with a million others things like scavenging for food and supplies.  You will also have to take into consideration the psychological effects of a SHTF scenario.  You will need social comfort.

You are not able to do all yourself.  People are talented in many different areas.  We need each other’s talents and skills to feed off of each other.  That is how we were created.

So in order to survive you will need to be a part of a group or community.  There are some prepper groups that come together with the same mind set.  That’s a wonderful thing.  However, you shouldn’t be open to just accepting anyone in your prepper group.  There are security concerns that you have to take into consideration.

Prepper groups should include these 7 types of people:

  1. Handyman

Having someone that is a handyman will afford you the luxuries of having mechanical items such as cars or power generators.  Machines will always need maintenance or be fixed.  They were not designed to last forever.

Prepper groups with off grid power such as solar and wind power would be wise to have a handy man around.  Thinking that you are going to live off of the land alone is just foolish.  Especially in this day of age where everyone is dependent upon machines and technology.

2. Survivalist

Prepper groups are not necessarily survival groups.  Not many preppers actually have actual survival skills where you can go off into the woods and live off the land for weeks.  Many preppers lack in this area because they are mainly focused on their food stockpile and prepper gear.  No matter how much gear you have it means nothing unless you know what to do without it.

A survivalist will help prepper groups survive off the land if need be.  They can teach others what plants they could possibly eat or how to even make a bow to hunt food with.  It isn’t ideal to bug out into the woods but if it is the last option that you have then you will need a survivalist.

3. Hunter/Gatherer

Hunting takes more than just pointing a gun and shooting.  A hunter has to track down its prey.  So a true hunter will be skilled in the art of tracking down food to survive off of.

Prepper groups will not be able to simply go to someone’s farm and shoot a cow when SHTF.  Please believe me that farmers are heavily armed and are always diligent at protecting their beasts.  Not only that but you will have to compete with other survivors who will have the same idea as you.

4. Soldiers

Preppers love to brag about their AK’s and AR’s but they have absolutely no idea what they are doing with it.  Yes you go to the gun range to practice shooting stationary targets.  Tell me what good that will do when you have moving and aggressive targets coming at you?

Soldiers understand the tactics of defense and even offense.  Now soldiers don’t necessarily have to be former marines to be qualified.  Anyone can learn some good tactical skills by going to places like Tactical Response.  Having people with tactical skills is absolutely crucial to survive because you will have to potentially fight off other groups or even a possible invading army.

5. Medics

Prepper groups will need to be prepared for medical emergencies.  Medics with knowledge of bandaging wounds and even performing surgery to remove bullets would increase the survival rate of your group.  You will also need certain antibiotics and medicines to treat sicknesses and infections.

6.  Communications Specialist

Having a great communication system will also lengthen the survival rate of your group.  If other members become stranded they will be able to call for assistance.  If you have a watch tower then you will be able to communicate if a potential threat is coming.  This will give you more time to prepare for the enemy.

Therefore you will need someone that has ample knowledge of different radio systems and their different strengths.  There are some radios that can have reception for miles while others only for a few feet.  You can also scan channels for communication outside of your group to be updated with any news of a SHTF scenario.

7.  Leader

The final and most important person to have in your group is a leader.  You can’t count on democracy to help you survive in a SHTF scenario.  You will need someone who will take the initiative and take charge of certain situations.

Prepper groups will need leaders who know how to actually lead and not dictate.  This person will need to be able to master having influence with the group in order to become effective and survive.  The leader must be able to think quickly in times of trouble.

Ultimately finding these type of people to recruit for your prepper group will be a challenge.  Many preppers like to hide in the dark corners of internet and don’t normally reveal themselves.  Then to find people with these sort of skills will be even more challenging.

However, a great thing about these skills is that they can be learned and practiced.  Skills don’t come naturally.  They are something that can be developed.  Preppers should be doing more than just stockpiling food and gear.  They should also be learning and developing skills so that they can provide value to their group.

These are my suggestions for the type of people to have in your prepper group.  If you have any suggestions then leave a comment below to share with the community.  It is important that we all learn from each other if we plan to survive when SHTF.


Photography by krheesy