Preppers Checklist

Making a decision to become a prepper is an exciting time.  Many of us begin to immediately go online in search of all of the gear that you will need as prepper.  Then as you continue to research you become confused and even frustrated trying to figure out where to begin and what to purchase.  Only if you had some sort of preppers list to guide you.

You will soon learn that there is more to prepping than just bug out bags and doomsday bunkers.  Being a prepper becomes a lifestyle.  Your prepping will never end.

In order to guide you through the process of identifying all of the prepper gear that you will need I have created an ultimate preppers list.  This list will help you to identify each piece of prepper gear that you will need for each circumstance.  It will begin with the most urgent and most likely gear that you will need and then end with the least likely gear that you will need.

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