Secrid Cardslide Wallet Review

secrid cardslide wallet


Recently I have been researching about how to remain anonymous, avoiding surveillance and protecting my identity.  During that time I have read how hackers can simply use an electronic reader to gain your personal and payment information without actually swiping your card.  Along with that government agencies such as the NSA can do the same to track your movements.

Your credit cards and now even some ID cards have RFID chips which track and retain information about you.  So this prompted me to look into ways to keep my cards safe and block scanners.  During my research I had found RFID packets that you can slip your card in like a hotel room card.  However, it would look tacky when putting that into my wallet.

So I researched a little more on the internet I came across the Secrid Cardslide Wallet.  This wallet actually has a built-in RFID blocker.  I fell in love with the looks because it is very sleek and minimalistic.  So after ordering it from Amazon I wanted to give my review.

This also prompted my search for a better, smaller wallet.  Carrying around a billfold takes up too much space in pocket.  Smaller money clips don’t provide enough holding capacity.  So I was searching for something in the middle.

Secrid has a few options to choose from besides the Cardslide Wallet.  There is the basic wallet which is the Secrid Card Protector that doesn’t include the cardslide.  Then there are more traditional options that include a leather case with the cardslide protector built inside.  I decided to go with the Secrid Cardslide Wallet as it looked sleeker.

Secrid Cardslide Wallet Review


  • RFID protection.  Prevents hackers from stealing your privacy and credit card information.
  • Holds up to 6 cards in the protector
  • Tray for extra space to hold cards, banknotes, coins, keys, pictures, medicine, etc.
  • Cardslide ejector
  • 2 year warranty

As mentioned the Secrid Cardslide Wallet comes with a built in RFID blocker to keep payment and personal information safe.  6 cards can be slipped into the slim box and ejected in cascading levels so that you can quickly identify which card you need.

The Secrid Cardslide Wallet also comes with a tray so that you can carry additional items.  This is good for placing paper cash, coins or even cards.  However, the tray itself doesn’t contain the RFID blocker.

The tray can also be removed as it is attached by a durable elastic band.  This is good if you just wanted to carry the RFID blocker and leave the tray behind.  The tray can also be used to place coins or notes in if you wanted to set it to the side.


Who Is It For?

If you are looking for a big bulky wallet to hold more than 6 cards and a lot other things then the Secrid Cardslide Wallet is not for you.  This wallet is for the minimalist.  The slim wallet will keep you restricted to carrying no more than 6 cards along with a few other items.

This wallet also isn’t for someone who works a physical or tough job.  The case is made of plastic which seems like it could break easily if struck with a hammer or even ran over.  The plastic tray itself will definitely break easily.

However, if you are someone who likes to get creative with their EDC or like to show off to your friends then this will definitely do the trick.  I showed off my wallet the other day to my co-workers because they used to make fun of my previous wallets.  It is definitely a conversation piece.

Finally if you are concerned with protecting your identity and payment information then this wallet is for you.  All of your credit cards and even identification cards contain RFID chips which contain sensitive information about you.  This wallet will help but not completely eliminate the risk.


  • Made in Holland
  • Pricing from $44 to $99 depending on the style
  • Weighs .3 ounces
  • 3.8 x 2.6 x .6 inches
  • Can be purchased at Amazon or at

The Secrid Carslide Wallet comes in 3 different colors including: silver, black and blue.   It ranges from $40 to $99 dollars.  It is pricier compared to other wallets but I think the protection alone is worth it.

Unfortunately Secrid does not sell the wallet directly through their website.  They have a few select stores around the world where they can be found.  But like with most other products you can purchase it Amazon.  The wallet also comes with a 2 year warranty.


  • Lightweight
  • Minimalistic
  • Blocks RFID readers
  • Quick access to cards
  • Keeps cards from bending or breaking
  • Nice slick look
  • 2 year warranty


  • Material should be stronger


Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Secrid Cardslide Wallet.  It makes it so easy to access my cards instead of looking through a wallet.  I also love how lightweight it is.  From reading my other posts you probably know that I am a minimalist.  So the less in my pockets the better.