SHTF Prepping on a Budget

shtf prepping on a budget

Money makes the world go around but not having it can stop your life from going in the direction that you desire.  Having money gives us options.  However, I believe a lot of us are not using our money wisely which limits us in the end especially when you are SHTF prepping on a budget.

One question that I see in prepper groups all the time is “I don’t have any money so how can I prep?”  That is a very important question to ask. So I followed a lot of those threads on Facebook and wanted to share some of the awesome suggestions that I saw.

SHTF Prepping on a Budget

Stock up on knowledge and skills

Knowledge is power.  Many civilizations in the past kept education exclusive to the people of power and wealth.  Today, we have such a privilege to learn for free.  It is available to everyone.

Prepping isn’t all about stocking up on gear and supplies.  In The Strategic Prepper eBook, I ask “What happens when your gear and supplies are destroyed or stolen?” Then you will have to rely on what you know and can do.

Luckily, you can find a lot of great information on preparedness.  There are tons of websites and videos that you can watch.  You can even find local classes and courses to teach you about CPR and first aid.  As Ami mentions in her comment you can find a lot of great resources at the local library for free.  You don’t even have to pay for these books.

Your gear and supplies will not save you.  Knowledge and skills are the lightest and most valuable prep to have.

Cut your expenses in other areas

Another prepper on Facebook shared how they saved $80 a month so that they could spend on prepping.  It blows my mind that people still have cable these days.  A lot of the channels that you pay for on cable you probably don’t even watch.

To save money you can pick up a Roku or Google Chromecast like myself.  All you have to do from that point is pay for the internet.  I get a lot of the shows that I really watch on Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.  Besides that, I don’t watch cable TV.  I hardly watch TV at all.

Not only would you be saving money by cutting cable but you will be saving a lot of time that you can be using toward prepping.  The average American spends a little over 5 hours per day watching TV (Wikipedia).  That is 35 hours a week and 150 hours per month.  Yet, people complain that they don’t have enough time in the day.

Ultimately, we should strive to get our expenses under 80% of what we make. Yes, I know that it is easier said than done but it is possible.  There are a few ways to reduce expenses including paying off debt, downsizing and cutting out wasteful spending.

Repurpose items to use for prepper gear

There are tons of things that you probably have laying around the house that can be used for prepper gear.  So you don’t have to shop online for expensive items if you can’t afford it.  Now, I will say if you have the money then you should buy quality gear and supplies.  However, when you are on a budget you will have to make do with what you have.

You can do a Google search of DIY Prepper and Survival ideas.  You will find tons of results.  For example, you can use crayons for emergency candles.  Aluminum foil can be used for survival fishing along with tons of other uses.  Get creative.  You don’t need a huge budget to get started with building a stockpile of prepper gear and supplies.

Take advantage of free local resources

Tracie from one of the Facebook groups that I came across shared a great idea. She has been able to use free local resources to build up a supply.  Some of these items may not seem useful but if you are creative then a lot can be made.

You don’t only have to dumpster dive to find some great items.  You could also go to local resource fairs in your area.  When I worked with a local non-profit we provided free medical resources such as first aid kits.

You could also find local food pantries.  I’m not talking about homeless shelters or soup kitchens.  But there are free community resources that give away food.

As I mentioned in how to get free prepper gear post, you can find a lot of great items that people give away for free on Craigslist and Facebook groups.  They tend to have curb alerts.  These tend to be items that people are getting rid of but are still useful.

Get in shape for SHTF

Survival of the fittest is what you can expect in a collapse or SHTF scenario.  Those that are not physically prepared will struggle the most.  For example, if you are forced to bug out will you be able to walk 15 miles a day to get to your bug out location?

Now, I don’t have much room to talk.  This is something that I am currently working on.  I’m definitely not in the best of shape.  But physical fitness will be imperative in a survival situation.

The great thing about fitness is that it is free.  You don’t need a gym membership to get into shape.  There are a lot of physical exercises that you can do around the home like pull-ups, push-ups, and jumping jacks.

You can also go for hikes or walks for free around your area.  The last time I went camping we hiked 16 miles and it kicked my ass.  It made me realize how out of shape I really am.

Altogether, these would be some good tips that I found about SHTF prepping on a budget.  If you have any suggestions or feedback then please leave it below.  Your feedback helps the community prepare the smart way now so that we can thrive later.  Also, feel free to ask me a question on Facebook Messenger at

shtf prepping on a budget