SHTF Scenario Lessons Learned from Paris Attack



There was just recently a terrorist attack that happened in Paris where over 100 hundred people were killed and hundreds more wounded.  Though it is a sad situation there are many lessons that preppers can learn from this SHTF scenario.  It is important to study each scenario as these type of events happen more and more frequently.

In this SHTF scenario terrorists set off multiple bombs throughout the city in the matter of minutes.  Then as a final stand they invaded a concert hall where they begin to kill off people one by one.  People desperately tried to fight the through crowds to escape this massacre.

During this standoff with the police and terrorists roads were blocked off and a curfew was imposed.  France has also closed in borders in an attempt to stop any potential terrorist disguised as a migrant.  Flights in and out of the city were suspended or rerouted.

Although this massacre wasn’t widespread I would still consider this to be a SHTF scenario.  Not all scenarios only consist of nuclear bombs or natural disasters.  As preppers we should be prepared for isolated SHTF scenarios as well.

6 lessons to learn from this SHTF scenario:

  1. Don’t live in area that forbids gun ownership

Paris is a gun free zone.  Terrorists always attack soft targets where there is least resistance.  They are cowards and don’t want to face a man with a gun.

As a result of nobody being armed with at least a hand gun over a hundred people were killed.  The causalities could’ve limited and the situation contained if only a few people were allowed to arm and protect themselves.  Gun laws and restrictions only help the criminals or terrorists in this case.

Is it extreme to say that you shouldn’t live in a gun free zone?  I don’t think so.  It will probably be almost impossible to pack up and move to another location but what other option do you have?  Would you rather have a fighting chance?

We should all plan to strategically relocate.  There are a lot of factors to take into account when trying to find a safe place to live but I believe being able to protect yourself is a no brainer.  It may take a while to plan and save but it needs to be done and I will mention a few other points regarding this in some of the next few points.

2. It will be impossible to find safety in a highly populated city

You don’t know where these terrorists’ attacks are going to occur.  Just like in this SHTF scenario there were multiple bombs in multiple locations.  So no one is safe.

People began to flee in many directions after the bombs were exploded causing panic and confusion.  As a result of that the traffic was jammed and slowed.  This made people even more vulnerable for more attacks.  This is what happens when you live in a highly populated city.  Traffic jams happen every day during rush so just imagine when a terrorist attack happens.

Yes, you can have a plan to bug out to a place of safety but remember there are many more that are trying to do that as well.  Most figure since they are not going to go anywhere in the traffic jam then they will just run.  So the streets and sidewalks will be packed with people again making you vulnerable to the attack.

Living in a city can be great at times but it is not ideal for a prepper.  Now some of us are kind of stuck in a position as an urban prepper.  So I would suggest finding multiple locations throughout your city that you can retreat to while everyone else is in panic mode.  Again you should have multiple locations in case that you that there isn’t direct access to one.

3. It will be impossible to leave the city

Shortly after the attacks began Paris began to lock down the streets and impose a curfew.  If the attacks had persisted many more hundreds would’ve died by being stuck in their house or location.  When you are under attack you will want to flee the city not go home.

So if you live in a city it will be impossible to leave in this SHTF scenario.  Mass transportation will be shut down and even airports.  If you live in a city it would be best to live on the outskirts.  That way you can quickly bug out before the streets are shut down and the curfew is imposed.

4. Stay alerted with what is going on

There was a clip on the news at a soccer stadium showing the responses of the fans after hearing the explosions.  Two explosions went off in the space of 10 minutes.  The fans had no clue what was going on.  They thought it was just fireworks or part of the game.  They began to cheer.

So it’s important to be alerted quickly to what is going on in your city.  Most smartphones now have the ability to download apps that have these type of local alerts.  If you are not comfortable with having a smartphone or relying on it then you can also have a radio scanner dialed into the police or fire station.  They will be the first to know in a SHTF scenario like this.

5. Keep an active shooter response kit

Having an active shooter response kit close to you during this SHTF scenario would give you the advantage over the attacker.  This would provide you with guns, ammo, gear and medical response items.  This is an important item to have with your prepper gear and in your car at all times.  Hoss USMC made a great video below detailing everything what should be included with this kit.

6. Have armor and protective gear close at all times

This kind of goes along with the previous point of having an active shooter response kit.  You should have a bullet proof vest and plate included with your prepper gear and ideally in your vehicle at all times.  Of course you should have one in your house as well.

On top of that you should have some other protective gear such as helmets and gas masks.  Ideally you will want a bulletproof helmet.  If you are not able to afford one then I would recommend a construction helmet.  Not only do you need to be protected from bullets but also other flying projectiles that could cause some serious damage.  Finally you should have a gas mask in case chemicals are released.

So these points are the lessons that learned from this SHTF scenario in the Paris massacre.  If you have any additional suggestions then please leave your feedback in the comment section below to help the prepper community.  Be sure to also sign up for the email list to receive the ultimate preppers list.