Ska Direct Cell Phone Privacy Protection Bag Review

ska direct cell phone privacy protection bag



The Ska Direct Cell Phone Privacy Protection Bag is a bag designed to protect your cell phone, electronics, and other private items from thieves along with other potential threats.  From Amazon I wasn’t able to identify what material this bag was made from.  However, it is big enough to hold a smartphone (my Samsung S6) along with other items like credit cards, ID’s and even car keys.

The bag has two sleeves.  The front sleeve only protects you from any radiation that the phone will emit while keeping an open signal.  The second sleeve in the back will block signals while protecting you and the phone from magnetism and radiation.

The Ska Direct Cell Phone Privacy Protection Bag also protects from spying and identity thieves.  As technology continues to become more innovative so do thieves and even the NSA.  Thieves and NSA agents can pick up your identification through credit cards and anything else that has RFID chips.

Your items will also be protected from magnetism that may be emitted from any large amounts of electric such as lightning strikes, fallen power cables and even EMPs.

Who is it for?

The Ska Direct Cell Phone Privacy Protection Bag is perfect for anyone that is looking to block your cellphone signal.  Maybe you don’t feel comfortable with your cellphone always giving away your location through GPS.  It also helps with keeping your identity and other private information safe on any cards that you may be carrying.

My Opinion

I was extremely skeptical when purchasing the bag but since it was only like $8 on Amazon I figured that I would give it a try.  The bag was shipped quickly.  The look of the bag kind of threw me off even though I had already seen it online.  It almost resembled the look and feel of a purse.  I do wish that the bag was designed differently.  However, I’m not going to be carrying this around with me constantly so it’s not a deal breaker.

After putting my Samsung S6 into the Ska Direct Cell Phone Privacy Protection Bag I tried to call the phone and was amazed to see that it went directly to voicemail.  Then will I pulled the phone out I noticed on the screen that my phone had no connection.  So I have been thoroughly impressed by its ability to block signal.

I haven’t done any tests to see if any radiation is being emitted from the bag while my phone is in it.  Truthfully that wasn’t reasoning for purchasing the bag.  However, I might test this at another time.

Altogether, if you are looking for an added level of security to protect your identity and other information then I would highly recommend purchasing the Ska Direct Cell Phone Privacy Protection Bag.  It may not be the cure to all of your privacy problems but it will add an extra level of protection giving your adversary a bigger obstacle to overcome.  Ultimately if you don’t want to give away your signal then the best option would be to get rid of your smart phone altogether.  However, I’m not quite ready to give away the luxuries that it affords.



  • Blocks cell phone signal keeping your location private
  • Protects credit cards and any other cards with RFID chips from being read
  • Protects electronics from radiation and magnetism
  • Lightweight
  • Small size that fits in your pocket


  • The design looks more like a small purse