SPG 007: Prepper Traveling Tips That Will Keep You Safe

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I just recently got back from a work trip in Washington D.C.  While preparing for my trip there are a few important things that I do to prepare for SHTF events and even just local problems that could happen.  In this episode I will be sharing my prepper traveling tips that will keep you safe.


– need to be aware of muggers, violent attackers and even terrorist attacks
– you don’t want to struggle with a mugger, give them money quickly (but not all)
– hide valuables outside of your pocket or purses
– you should also split up your valuanbles so that they are not all in one location which helps limit the risk
– I bought a slim fanny pack that is worn under your clothing (I will leave a link to the pack at www.smartpreppergear.com/spg007
– muggers are not going to have you strip but naked for the most part
– valuables also include identification (many people become victim of identity theft while traveling by losing their identification)

Layer your self defense

– on a blog post I discussed the 4 different layers of self defense
– PACE (Primary, Alternative, Contingent and Emergency)
– Legally you are only able to match the attacker’s level of aggression
– You are only able to use deadly force when you fear your life or are facing extreme bodily harm
– I’m not a legal consultant so I would recommend getting training and legal counsel such as USCCA
– you even need to be aware of carrying firearms across state lines
– You will need to research what is legal and illegal to carry at your destination
– for my recent trip I carried my pepper spray, tactical pen and tactical knife because D.C. doesn’t recognize conceal carry from Florida

Conduct pre-travel research

– for the places that you are traveling you will need to research high crime areas so you know where to avoid
– you can use www.communitycrimemap.com
– research events that are coming up
– research if there has been any civil unrest like protests or riots at your destination
– you should also research ham radio channels in case that phone connections fail
– Google Maps is another useful tool to identify flows of traffic and choke points
– this will be helpful if you need to bug out after a SHTF scenario

Develop and practice situational awareness

– for every place that you travel you will need to establish a baseline
– if you are in the downtown area then most likely people will be walking quickly to get to work or run errands
– seeing someone just standing around with no purpose or just wandering should raise flags
– stay aware of exits for buildings that you enter
– you need to be aware of suspicious people and have an action plan prepared

Getting Home after SHTF

– if a bug out scenario happens while traqveling you may be at a disadvantage
– you can’t carry all of your preps with you
– you could be hundereds of miles away from your preps
– purchase local maps to develop escape routes and a get home plan
– bugging out while hundreds miles away you should still have a plan to get back home or to a bug out location
– ultimately you want to get home where all of your preps are located if you are strategically prepping to bug in


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