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SPG 008: How to Prepare for War with Syria


How to Prepare for War with Syria

– Just this past week on April 4th there was a reported Chemical attack that killed a few hundred people
– there were pictures all over the web displaying children and women foaming at the mouth (really gruesome pictures)
– Immediately the mainstream media and western governments began pointing the finger at Assad, president of Syria, for being responsible for the attack
– This despite the lack of a full investigation or proof that he is behind the attack
– Many blame Syria for the chemical attack because a few years ago he supposedly attacked his own people with chemical weapons
– There is no evidence to prove that he is behind that either
– However, Trump has condemned Assad for attack demanding his removal (drop clip)
– Trump has also threatened military action
– Nikki Halley, the ambassador to the UN, has also threatened military action without the UN (drop clip)

Why this is a possibility

– many people doubt that war could break out and affect the United States
– However, we have been trying to topple the Assad regime for many years now all the way from the Obama administration now to President Trump
– this is because there is a strategic oil pipeline that flows from the middle east into Europe
– The powers that be have been pushing for his removal
– We have also been provoking the Russians for many years now
– Russia has been preparing their people for nuclear war by running test drills
– If their government believes it is a possibility then we should too

What outcome to expect if we go to war in Syria:

– Russia, China, and Iran fully support and protect Syria
– In fact, Syria and Russia have warned the U.S. during the Obama administration that we are on their land illegally
– the U.S. has never be invited unlike Russia and China
– If this happens then the fight most likely will not be isolated in Syria
– This could spread into a World War

How this could affect the U.S.

– If a world war does break out then we could expect attacks at home
– It would almost be impossible for another country to invade the United States due to the size of the country and we are mostly surrounded by water and allies
– However, we could sleeper cells rise up around the country (I still believe this would be far fetched but it is a possibility)
– The other option that the enemies could take is to bomb strategic locations like military outposts, commerce centers, and government buildings
– As a result of that, the power grid would be out including internet services (which runs everything including ATMs)
– We can see a stop of transportation of food and supplies causing food stores to go empty
– Then people will begin turning on themselves in order to survive

Consider strategically relocating

– If you live close to strategic military bases, economic centers or government buildings then you need to consider strategic relocation
– These locations would be a potential target for a nuclear bomb
– You may not have to move to a whole other state but I would say at least 100 miles away from these locations
– If there is a nuclear fallout you will want to have land far away from these locations so that you can grow your food

Stock up on emergency food supply

– you will not only want to have a 30 day supply of food storage but especially longer if you live close to these locations
– You will want to have your food properly sealed so that radiation doesn’t penetrate it
– You will ideally want to have your supplies underground as well to help prevent it from being penetrated from radiation
– I would recommend picking up some emergency food supplies from Emergency Essentials at www.smartpreppergear.com/emergencyessentials

Put together a nuclear fallout kit

– I wrote a post before about putting together a nuclear fallout kit which you can find in the show notes at www.smartpreppergear.com/spg008
– That kit should include the essentials for survival including food and water
– Some others things that you should include in this kit are a first aid kit, hazmat suit, radiation detector, extra pair of clothes (to change when going in and out after a fallout), lights, heat.

Thank you for listening!

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