SPG 009: Preparing for a Government Shutdown

preparing for a government shutdown


Preparing for a Government Shutdown

– the resolution that is currently funding the government expires on April 28th unless an agreement is made and signed by Donald Trump
– However, democrats and some republicans are refusing to come to an agreement because Trump is proposing 1.5 billion dollars be added to the budget to build a wall along the Mexican border
– If an agreement isn’t made then there is the potential for a government shut down.
– Democrats are desperate to sabotage Trump’s presidency in order to win Senate elections in less than 2 years
– This could cause government shut down that lasts longer than 2 weeks

The Government Shutdown Could Cause:

– over 2 million federal workers will have paychecks delayed (costs Maryland $5 million per day in income and sales tax revenue)
– financial market instability,
– benefits halted (social security,unemployment and veterans) (millions of veterans will not receive benefits)
– food insecure families who rely on benefits will go without food
– national parks will be closed forcing tourism to lose millions of dollars per day
– ultimately inflation will rise if it becomes long and drawn out
– jobs laid off (extreme case)
– CCW permits being processed will be put on hold
– you will be unable to get a passport

What You Should Do

Have Your Emergency Supply Ready

– for preppers this should go without saying
– this should already be stocked up
– if this becomes a long term event you will be hard pressed to find food and water on shelves
30+ days of food and water available
– you can build a quick supply by purchasing from Emergency Essentials
– you should have other survival items purifying water, providing heat and gathering food such as hunting or growing

Withdraw Cash for Emergencies

– if this becomes a long term event it could cause a collapse
– banks will not allow you to withdraw all of your money

Secure Your Assets

– consider cashing out stocks and savings accounts
– in the financial crisis of 2001 and 2008 100’s of thousands of people lost their 401k savings
– now you may not have to do this right away
– it is really a judgement call but if you wait it could be too late
– market crashes happen quickly

Don’t Make any Big Purchases

– you will want to hold onto the money that you have now
– unless you are stocking up on food, water or survival items then you should hold making big purchases until this passes

Get Your Passport Quickly!

– if worse comes to worse then you may consider moving if this shutdown becomes a long term event
– during the shut down you won’t be able to get a passport

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