SPG 010: 6 Common Complaints Preppers Make Before Quitting


6 Common Complaints Preppers Make Before Quitting

I don’t have enough money

    • getting into preparedness preppers typically focus on how much gear and supplies they can buy
    • however, gear and supplies are only substitutes for developing skills
    • knowledge and skills will take your further than gear and supply ever will
    • you can have all the gear and supply in the world but if you don’t have the skills to use them then you have just wasted money
    • for example, i see tons of preppers who brag about how many guns that they have but have never spend a day at the range or tactical shooting drills
    • but money does answer all things, it gives you options
    • first you will need to learn how to live below your means (spending less than you earn)
    • Most Americans are in debt and believe it is necessary in this world
    • your living expenses should be no greater than 80% of what you make
    • That 20% cushion is for saving and emergencies
    • In order to get under that 80% a lot of us will have to downsize our living and pay off debts as quickly as possible using the debt snowball (link in shownotes)
    • Stay out of debt. The borrower is slave to the lender

I have a handicap

  • when it comes to prepping those with handicaps automatically fear bugging out when SHTF
  • However, as I’ve said in many past episodes the likelihood that you ever have to bug out is not very high but of course there is still the possibility
  • Plan A should never be to bug out
  • You want to strategically prep now so that you don’t have to bug out later
  • You will want to get yourself into a position so that you never have to bug out
  • Yes, having a handicap is going to seriously impact your survivability but the likelihood is low
  • However, you can still prep and develop skills depending upon what your condition is
  • remember that 80% of population doesn’t even have 3 days of food and water stored for emergencies
  • So that alone will give you an advantage
  • there are a lot of great stories from other preppers who struggle with a handicap but still maintain their lifestyle
  • You can checkout a great story at The Survivalist Blog using the link in the shownotes (http://www.thesurvivalistblog.net/survive-with-a-disability/)

    My family and spouse are not into prepping

  • your family doesn’t need to be into prepping
  • it would help if they were
  • you have to appeal to their interests and fears
  • for example, if you live in the southeast I’m sure your family is going to be aware of the threat of hurricanes.
  • make them aware of the most immediate threats like that
  • those that are not invovled in preparedness are not going to understand the need to be prepared for a collapse or a fallout
  • those are extreme scenarios that takes a lot to understand

    I’m stuck in the city and will die when SHTF

  • Not every city will be susceptible to a fallout or collapse scenario
  • most SHTF scenarios have a low probability which gives you time
  • you are most likely more prepared than all of your neighbors
  • for a collapse scenario we just want to prep to increase our survivability or the likelihood of surviving
  • the sad truth is that many won’t make it long in a collapse scenario
  • so by developing skills and prepping you are giving yourself an advantage over others
  • ultimately though you should build a plan to strategically relocate that will increase your survivability

    I don’t have time or money to develop and practice skills

  • a lot of things can be learned by watching videos or reading books
  • build relationships with people who have important skillsets hoping they will teach you a thing or two
  • in a collapse scenario it is going to be certain people with skills who really thrive
  • people with medical response skills will really thrive because there will no doubt be a lot of injuries and possible diseases running rampant
  • Those with agricultural, hunting and fishing skills will be valued because we will be set back to pre-industrial times
  • there won’t be mickey dees or taco bell
  • we will return to our roots and forced to be dependent upon the natural resources once again
  • Those with shooting and tactical skills will be valued because there will no doubt be groups fighting among each other during a collapse
  • You should not only be practicing your accuracy at the gun range but will need to practice live fire tactical drills for self defense among others
  • Carpenter skills will be needed in order to build houses and shelters.
  • You can actually learn and develop carpentry skills for free by joining organizations like Habitat for humanity who will teach you for free
  • Mechanics will be in high demand to maintain vehicles among other machinery
  • These are just some skills that will be valued during a collapse scenario
  • many of these things can be learned and developed by using online resources
  • if you have the money then you should spend it on these worthwhile skills

I don’t have any prepper friends or survivor group

  • in many places it is going to be hard trying to find other preppers
  • however, you can still find like-minded individuals who observe an aspective of preparedness
  • this will give you the ability to relate with someone and build a friendship
  • they don’t have to be an all out prepper in order to be helpful
  • you can find like-minded individuals at local gun and rifle clubs, Amateur radio clubs and even groups like Red Cross or CERT
  • You can even join local camping or hiking groups that you can find at websites like meetup.com

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