SPG 011: Everyday Carry Gear Setup

everyday carry gear setup


In this episode, Kelly has a question about everyday carry gear setup.  I will share my tips on how to setup your EDC and share what I am currently using.  EDC is all a preference.  There is no one size fits all but there are some tips that we should remember when building EDC.

Everyday Carry Gear Setup

  • EDC Gear is not a one size fits all
  • EDC gear is all customizable based on personal preference
  • Not everybody uses the same tools and gear every day
    • I work in an office so my setup is going to be different than someone who is a mechanic

The 3 Tiers of Everyday Carry

  • There are 3 different tiers of EDC:
    • In pocket
      • In your pockets is what people call your pocket dump
      • These items are going to small enough to fit in your pocket and you use frequently throughout the day
      • Some pockets may include:
        • Wallet
        • Keys
        • Self-defense items like pepper spray, tactical pen, etc
        • Cell phone
        • Lighters
        • Bandana
      • On body
        • On body can include items like your belt, holster, sunglasses, etc.
      • Close to body
        • This can be your EDC bag
        • The EDC bag is really useful to carry items that won’t fit in your pocket but you need to have quick access to them
        • Items can include first aid kits, electronics organizer, tool organizer, extra magazines, etc.
      • In this episode, I will be focusing on pocket and on body carry
      • There are 3 different types of items that you may have in your EDC including
        • Personal/private items
          • Wallets for identification are a good example
        • Self Defense
          • Your self-defense items should be organized based on the P.A.C.E. (Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency) layers (link to post)
          • Conceal Carry weapon, pepper spray, tactical pen etc.
        • Tools
          • Pocket knives, keychain (KeySmart), multitool, etc.

My Personal EDC Gear Setup

  • In pocket carry
    • I carry a Secrid Cardslide wallet
      • This is a really great wallet that will protect your cards with a RFID blocker
        • That way hackers can’t steal your information and makes it hard for others to track you
      • This wallet also ejects your cards so that you don’t have to shuffle through a bunch of cards
    • KeySmart
      • I really love the KeySmart because it keeps all of my keys neatly organized
        • This stops the keys from jabbing into your legs
        • It stops the jingling sound as you walk
        • Gives you quick access to grab your keys in a hurry if you are in an emergency
      • Pepper Spray
        • This is a part of my self-defense gear
        • This isn’t a perfect recommendation that I have for this
        • I prefer to have one that is small and can clip on to my pocket
        • That way I can quickly grab it if I am being approached by an attacker
      • UZI Tactical Defender Pen
        • This is a great tactical pen made of aircraft aluminum (So it’s a beast!)
        • I use this as part of my self-defense gear
        • It is very useful in case that you need to break space from an attacker but the situation hasn’t escalated to a point where you need to use your concealed carry weapon
      • Cold Steel Micro Recon 1
        • Now, I’m not a big proponent of using a knife for self-defense
        • Realistically you are never going to get into a knife fight like you see in the movies
        • That is all fairy tales
        • Besides, if someone pulls out a knife to attack you then why wouldn’t you just pull out your conceal carry weapon? Why bring a knife to a gun fight
        • Instead, I use this knife to perform minimal duties
        • I don’t need a heavy duty knife because I spend most of my day in the office.
        • However, this does come in handy whenever I need to cut some rope, boxes or even envelopes
        • I personally keep this knife instead of a bigger knife because I don’t want to draw attention at my office with a knife clipped to my pocket
        • Instead, this knife can easily fit into a small pocket or you can even place it on your keychain
      • Handkerchief
        • Handkerchiefs or bandanas are great items to not only brush away sweat but can also help you to filter water or bandage up wounds in the case of emergencies.
      • On body carry
        • Concealed Carry belt
          • A concealed carry belt is a great item to have if you conceal carry
          • Regular belts typically only are good for up to a pound or two
          • Conceal carry belts can hold up to 3 or 4 pounds
          • They don’t lose shape and are stiff
          • This helps you to carry the smart way
          • I highly recommend the Trakline Gun Belt
          • You can check out my review of the Trakline Gun Belt 
        • Holster
          • Along with the gun belt, you will want to have a good holster
          • I recommend IWB holster for conceal carry
          • You will want to have something that is comfortable and can distribute weight across your waist so that your pants are not sagging
          • I recommend the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3
          • This holster provides a comfortable carry because the padding and wicks moisture
          • This holster is also adjustable so it perfect with every style of conceal carrying
        • Sunglasses
          • Sunglasses are all a matter of personal preference of course
          • However, I prefer polarized lenses so that the light off of glass or water doesn’t shine into my eyes
          • I recommend the Wiley X Recons as they are not only polarized but are made ballistic grade which you can wear at the gun range

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