SPG 012: Preparing for Future WannaCry Ransomware Attacks

wannacry ransomware


In the recent weeks, we have witnessed one of the most threatening cyber attacks that spanned across hundreds of countries.  This cyber attack shut down hospitals, businesses and locked many out of their own computers.  This type of threat is something that preppers should be aware when conducting their threat assessments and be formulating a preparedness plan.

Being that I work for a software company, I wanted to provide my tips on how you can prepare for a future attack.  As our dependency on the internet continues to grow in this society it is no doubt that we will see more attacks.  It is important to prepare now.

Preparing for Future WannaCry Ransomware Attacks

Keep programs and operating systems up to date

  • you should invest in programs like Avast that will automatically update programs on your computer
  • software companies release patches and updates because there was a vulnerability detected
  • once a vulnerability becomes well-known then hackers begin looking for ways to take advantage of it before everyone is patched

Use a VPN

  • A VPN encrypts the information that you transmit online
  • essentially they place your communication inside of an envelope to pass it along
  • that way intruders cannot look inside and capture that information
  • VPNs also scramble your IP address which hackers use to build a profile on your identity which can eventually lead to identity theft
  • Companies and governments also build your profile around your IP address
  • this is how you receive relevant ads while you are browsing on the internet
  • I personally use Hotspot Shield
  • they have a free version but you will have ads
  • I recommend the paid version so that you are not interrupted with ads and your browsing speed isn’t affected.

Store private and sensitive information on PC not connected to the internet

  • you never want to store private information on a computer that is connected to the internet
  • such private information will include SSN, credit card information and anything about your identity
  • If ransomware attacks your PC then you will never receive that information back unless you pay the ransom
  • another downside is that hackers constantly search computers to collect this information so that they can sell it to others
  • for the private and highly sensitive information, you will want to store it onto a PC that has never been or ever will be connected to the internet

Backup sensitive and important info

  • backups for your backups is a common saying in the preparedness community
  • we cannot get rid of threats we can only mitigate them
  • One way to mitigate a risk or the severity of an attack is by having backups
  • you can back up information on flash drives, portable hard drives, paper copies
  • now I carry the KeySmart that not only carries my keys but I’ve added a flash drive as well
  • you can check out KeySmart at www.smartpreppergear.com/keysmart
  • Another great option to have is the SanDisk Cruzer Switch with SecureAccess
  • this flash drive password protects and encrypts information to that it cannot be compromised
  • I will leave a link in the show notes at www.smartpreppergear.com/spg12 if you want to check it out


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wannacry ransomware


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