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SPG 013: How to Avoid Being a Victim of Terrorism

how to avoid being a victim of terrorism


Just this past week we witnessed another horrific terrorist attack in England.  We continue to see this as becoming more of a threat to our society.  In this episode, we are going to talk about how to avoid becoming a victim of terrorism.

How to Avoid Being a Victim of Terrorism

Develop your situational awareness

  • stay aware of suspicious objects and people
  • watch for unattended bags or parcels
  • Nowhere the exits are at all times no matter where you are going
  • it is good if you can get a seat facing the entrance so that you can see who is going in and out

Avoid the crowd

  • terrorist target locations that are highly populated because it can have a bigger effect
  • you will never see a terrorist attack in a small town of 100 hundred people
  • Avoid public transit as these are common targets for terrorists
  • I understand that you can’t live life as a hermit
  • However, if you spend more time going out to these potentials targets then the likelihood is greater for you than someone who visits occasionally.
  • At the same time, visiting less often doesn’t guarantee that you can’t be a victim
  • it just lowers the likelihood
  • if you must go to these locations then get in and out asap

Avoid gun free zones

  • terrorists and mass shooters always search for soft targets
  • these targets are easy to hit without any fight
  • that is why most terrorist attacks that happen occur in gun free zones like bars, concerts, schools, etc

Do the research

  • don’t rely on the government to produce you with a terrorist threat warning
  • these types of warning systems have never work and have never accurately predicted a potential attack
  • you need to conduct a threat assessment of where you live and travel
  • could these locations be potential targets?
  • again, terrorists typically target the bigger crowd but they also look for symbolic targets such as the twin towers on 9-11
  • in your research, you should identify how often your location has been terrorized before

Identify safe zones before traveling overseas

  • stay in American chain hotels as they typically have tighter security
  • Identify the local embassy that you can flee too if you are in trouble
  • never stay at a hotel overseas with an underground parking lot because terrorists love car bombs

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how to avoid being a victim of terrorism

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